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    Setting up a bait hive

    We have a spare brand new TBH hive for which we hope to catch a swarm or attract a homeless swarm. We have two other Dadant hives which are currently healthy and showing no signs of swarming. If we site the TBH near our other hives will it attract bees from our existing hives encouraging them to...
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    supercedure what is it

    As a newcomer living in France and with our main reference in French can someone please explain the term "supercedure".
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    Bee keeping in Brittany

    There is now a link on http://www.********************.com/ to the forum
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    When to add supers

    Nice warm morning today in Brittany so I thought I would check the ladies. Several; were out flying and coming back with pollen. Our Dafs are out and the hazel is laden with blossom. I thought it would be a good idea to clean the varoa board which we have not checked for a couple of months...
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    Bee keeping in Brittany

    I am not aware of Asian Hornets here. We have problems with wasps nests in the garden and the suit has been useful in attacking those. As for a honey crop from grape flowers its a nice thought, Miele au Burgundy. In Brittany its not a grape area. Cider me boys and Crepes. Peter
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    Bee keeping in Brittany

    Here in Brittany the standard hive is the Dadant usually 10 frames in the Brood and 9 in a super. A 12 frame brood is available but we have not come accross anyone who uses a 12 frame. I suspect it would become a bit heavy to manage. The native bee is the Breton Black bee but in the wild they...
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    Bee keeping in Brittany

    There is a new group of Beekeepers in Brittany
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    Moving bees across the garden

    Last night at about 2200 the hive was moved sideways about 1 metre. This morning there is a lot of activity around the hive. It maybe that as a novice we are being confused but the bees seem agitated and more are flying in the area of the hive. The hive was on posts with a board on top of the...
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    Moving bees across the garden

    We are new to beekeeping in France. We have a large garden but very much surrounded by trees. We sited our first hive at the top of the garden well away from neighbours, road and lawn under some pine trees. A local beekeeper has advised us that the site is in too much shade. The easiest would be...