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    Polystyrene National Hives/nucs

    Stick with modernbeekeeping. I took delivery of a nuke last week, no problems with delivery, excellent customer service, good price and it all fits beatifully. they don't do a top feeder like with their full hives. You have to use a frame feeder. My only regret using all polys is that it is more...
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    National Poly Nucs?

    poly nucs from Modernbeekeeping do have two entrances. Not in the roof though. The Finish poly hives have reversable roofs, one way for normal use, one for traveling. I use my roofs in the traveling position as a mini-eke which allows me to put apiguard on. You could turn the roof into an...
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    Polystyrene National Hives/nucs

    Poly hives: apiguard Running on Langst poly hives- Modern beekeeping- I was in a quandary as to how to administer apiguard. Just come up with the solution: turn the roof up-side-down (travelling position) fill in the gaps either end and there you are, a mini eke. I used a piece of plastic to...