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  1. J


    Could any one advise please. I have recently came across a product which is an elecrical brood , that can perminently placed like a normal board in the brood compartment. The cells are bigger than normal, therefore eges can develop to drones only. As we know the Varroa mites would mostly get...
  2. J

    National Beehives for sale

    Hi Hazam, I would be interested to have two of your hives for £300.00, I am in Gildford area, and have nice place for bees. can collect, call me on 01428683631. Many thankd. Javid
  3. J

    How much

    Not sure if Chakie was selling anything at all on behalf of his invisible friend, Why would any one put so many items photo taken ,and some none priced.[ Yes to make it look good.... I think he should be more honest on his dealing, and not to claim, that he did not know, how much he was going...
  4. J

    How much

    Sorry I am far away from you, We are in Guilford, Surrey,Gu6 8NN, May be we can use the trasporter. Are you saying that the hive only is 350,or hive and all other bits and peices as shown it the fotos. as I understand you are asking for everthing £900.00, Exreacror 300 Mantis ,tiller 250 The...
  5. J

    2 x WBC 2 x National Hives for sale Plus equipment

    javid Dear Andy. Just called you, but no reply, Could you please let me know if you still have the 2 WBC hives with bees, Need to know how much you are asking for them. Call me on 01428683631, or email me on [email protected]. Have great day. Javid
  6. J

    How much

    What is your tel No?, or if you wish please call me on 01428683631. I am very intersted to talk to you. Can pay cash and collect. Javid
  7. J

    How much

    Javid I will be interested to buy one hive, really want the bees ,as I have too many hives already, what aea are you. Thanks Javid
  8. J

    My Bees have to go

    I was in the opinion that you managed to keeo your bees with you friend. If not I am happy to buy them from you, but you got to arrange the delivery to Giuldford area, I hope all go well with you and the bees javid
  9. J

    6x30lb buckets for sale kent/south east london

    Thanks Dan, I can now leave plenty honey for my bees this year, You are a great guy. don't forget me next year. Javid
  10. J


    Many thanks Steve, Nucs are doing very well. they are very active. thank you very much, javid
  11. J

    6x30lb buckets for sale kent/south east london

    Do you still have honey>.If yes how much would you take for the whole lot. could you deliver to Guildford area. and collect the cash, call me on01428683631. or [email protected]; Thanks. Javid
  12. J


    Nucs wanted in Gildford area. call01428683631
  13. J

    Nuc for sale, North East Kent

    javid, Do you still have the nucs, how are you asking for them I am neer Gildford,I can collect. Javid
  14. J

    Free swarms

    I have two good hive ,please let me know if you do get any more bees, I will happy to collect any day Thursday to Monday. Please call 01428683631,0or email [email protected] thank you
  15. J

    My Bees have to go

    javidalavi do you still have your bees, Please email me at [email protected], I am near godlming on A3. I can come and collect. Thank you javid