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    Philips Beehive concept causes urban buzz
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    Sounds like a swarming disaster to me...
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    Manipulation Cloth

    Heat perhaps, all that extra room for the bees to heat
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    Beekeeper Start Age Poll

    and still am under 19....
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    Veil Jacket & Smoker required fast....

    place the travelling box on the roof of your hive, open the entrance, the bees can live in there until you get your kit, then you'll be able to hive the bees. Just make sure you put the nuc box on the roof of the hive, or take the hive away and place it there
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    Very Dark Comb

    no it's absolutely fine, it goes dark from the debris left from the young
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    how close can you put 2 hives next to each other?

    Absolutely fine, well, I've never done it, but I know many who do
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    No brood in my swarm

    I'm sure others will be able to provide you with a much better answer but you probably just have a virgin queen, you may not have found her because she was out mating, too small or just hiding! Give them some more time, you should see workers polishing cells ready for laying and if they get low...
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    what can be done

    I don't think it matters too much, but the entrance is parallel to where the frames are going to go rather than perpendicular. Nice hives though! I should really give building some hives a go sometime
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    To make things even more confusing TBH can be 'top bar hive' too (like in my info)
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    Welcome to beekeeping and the forum! TBH I can go a whole season and getting away with only a couple of stings and my seconds hive went together fine Happy Beekeeping
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    Swarm went, no queen cell?

    last saturday I went through my hive which are on 7 frames of brood for queen cells. I only found one on the edge of a frame which I destroyed after finding eggs and seeing the queen. My only thought is that when I saw the queen she looked different to how i remember the queen looking before...
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    Is it worth catching a cast?

    must be a trend ;)
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    Is it worth catching a cast?

    I put a cast in a BB late last year, ignored them, thought they wouldn't make it but they're now on 8 frames of brood... well worth it!
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    Culling drones to reduce varroa infestation

    If you're running deep frames, put one shallow frame in the hive and the bees will build drone comb on the bottom of it which you can cut off as and when you choose. It seems to me like a very long process destroying individual drone cells.....
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    bees not going in to super

    Take out the QE for a few days, bees go up, queen unlikely to however if she does it's not too much of an issue getting her back down again
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    bee suits

    I bought one from Th*rns for £80, grew out of it, spent £40 on ebay and ended up with a far better, thicker suit.... pm for details
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    Queenless Colony?

    I may be wrong, but isn't it too early for a queen to mate? lack of drones?
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    Horizontal top bar hive

    I have 3 nationals and got a swarm call, didn't have the funds to buy another hive so knocked up a TBH in a day after planning on having one for a long time. Prime swarm went in, had to wait a month or so for the them to build enough comb so I didn't break their cluster...... Despite using all...
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    other interest

    Violin, Piano, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Sailing, Biking, Art, Brewing, Skype, Parties and Recording. College does get in the way a bit...