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    Crystalised Stores?

    I started to plan for winter today and on doing a penultimate check saw that the super i was planning to leave on over winter is absolutely chocka with crystalised ivy honey is this any good as winter stores for the bees? or should i remove it and feed a sugar syrup? What does everyone...
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    Cell identification help

    Looks like a play cup to me but im sure a more experienced eye will soon confirm or disagree.
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    Poly Langstroth For Sale

    1 year old poly Langstroth for sale complete with ten frames, castellated spacers crown bord and steel roof as availiable from Park Beekeeping Supplies. Reason for sale: conversion to smaller national hives making transport easier All frames (four unused) cleaned and boiled and brood box...
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    Extracting the old fashioned way?

    Just had a watch of petes video simple ideas are always the best thanks guys and thanks Hedgerow Pete. Ben
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    Extracting the old fashioned way?

    Does anyone have any experience of home made extractors? Im going to get my first honey crop this year and cant afford to buy an extractor does anyone know of an alternative method? how was it done pre mechanical extractor and do you have to destroy the comb without an extractor? Ive thought...
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    Bee Vital Hiveclean

    I will let you know how it goes
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    Bee Vital Hiveclean

    Hi, Hope your all well, Does any one out there have any experience of using Bee Vital Hiveclean for varroa control successful or otherwise and if so does it only work with an open mesh floor? Thanks Ben
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    East London Mentor Wanted

    Hi, My nam is Ben I am based in East London I have one hive and as many years experience and would like to be able to draw on someone elses experience. Payment could be made in beer :cheers2: Any Takers
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    Siting a new hive

    Hi folks, I've just sited a new hive, what does the forum think (a) open the entrance after a few hours to settle after the journey (b) leave the girls to settle overnight and open the entrance tomorrow? as always i kind find literature stating both methods are doable Thanks Ben
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    Should I see brood allready?

    when the hive is opened late they cover about four/five frames. I only have the one hive so dont allready have another nucleus. How easily will they accept another nucleus assuming that they survive long enough for me to obtain one? P.S Thanks for the advice guys its great to be able to ask...
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    Should I see brood allready?

    Thanks heebeegeebee, I fear the worst. I am going to give them until the end of next week and then take action. I am thinking about strengthening the colony by uniting it with another nuc of bees have you ever done this? what do you think?
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    Should I see brood allready?

    Hi Folks, I started my first hive last season and they have just started flying again last week. There is very little (if any) pollen coming in at the moment but I am worried that there isnt any brood yet. At what point should I expect the Queen to start laying I have been concerned for a while...