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    Bees on Radio4 GQT tomorrow

    Radio 4 came round to record their Gardeners' Question Time program near Winchester, and dropped in the local BKA to get a bit about our bees Details here
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    What do the bees do with Apiguard?

    Take a look at the manufacturer's website: There are also instructions on how to use it properly in their FAQ.
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    How much to keep?

    I eat none. Don't like the stuff. :ack2: But that leaves all the more for me to sell to those that do like it.
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    Chat room?

    There are loggers around that can archive the conversations for searching purposes, but to be honest I think that many questions will still come onto the forum since you get a broader audience of people (i.e. not just thos eon-line at the time) reading here.
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    How many forum members does it take....

    Not up to Pete's high standards, but there's a video for everything over on YouTube
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    Colonies burnt in Greece

    Best wishes to all those affected by the disaster. Sad indeed. :grouphug:
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    Getting the honey weight right

    Being serious for a moment, do you think it is a good idea to have something on file? What are the chances that a small scale producer will ever cross paths with Standards? Is there a simple self-certification questionnaire (or whatever) you can do to show due diligence?
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    Counting Mites

    More like 4 - 6 weeks. I agree. No point in counting them, just get them out of there. You wouldn't do anything different during the treatment anyway. I do estimate the natural mite drop outside treatment periods to see if things are getting out of hand.
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    Counting Mites

    Remember to halve the number you come up with.
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    Apiguard with supers

    Yes, just put the Apiguard try on the queen excluder before the super. I wouldn't recommend using honey stored in that super for anything other than feeding the bees, although it is likely perfectly safe for human consumption that is not something claimed by the manufacturer. If you are using...
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    I wouldn't stop the Apiguard, keep going with it, add a bit of feed and see how they get on with it. The Apiguard works by being in the hive for a period of time, it is not "turn-off-and-on-able".
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    Drop in Feeders

    Did you have a float in the frame feeder? I have a piece of wood in there that has holes through it, so the bees stand on it and drink the syrup down. Not much room to drown.
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    Nasty bees

    Same here, though a new queen will typically be laying on the base of the cell. Numerous eggs per cell that are attached to the side wall would be more of a cause for concern.
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    website hosting?

    Bah, I'd prefer a bit more flexibility than that, including mail etc. :hat:
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    website hosting?

    Anyone care to recommend (or even warn about!) a reasonable priced website hosting company for an association's website? Only modest needs, like a linux shared server (e.g. cPanel/Plesk), about 500MB disk space and 1000Mb monthly transfer should be plenty, plus the usual e-mail capabilities...
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    Asian Hornet Alert

    See also
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    Earwigs, anyone?

    Yes. You'd have to make a skirt / overhang higher up the stand to keep the rain out. BTW it doesn't have to be used engine oil, light paraffin or cooking oil will do -- just something that won't evaporate and they can't walk over. Look for anti-climb paint
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    Whats this ?

    Looks like a double glazing salesfly to me, checking out your windows... :piggy:
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    swarm lures

    That's very generous of you thebhoy - you have a private message :-) Looking at the datasheet you posted, they look like the swarm lures that Thornes sell (at $6.46 per pair [1]). Is there any difference? [1] Of course, with your 'built-in' forum contribution it makes the prices equivalent.
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    About laying workers

    Hi dro, I don't know the answer about feeding, but I believe that when you have reached that stage there is unlikely to be a single laying worker -- you'll have a number of laying workers together. Whether they feed themselves or whether they are fed by others I don't know. Why do you ask?