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    Foundation alternatives

    I heard that when bees are allowed to make their own foundation they adjust the size of the cells for what is needed. I plan to go foundationless this year, running three strands of wire in empty frames for the purpose of inspecting without risk of damaging the comb. At harvest time I plan to...
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    Relocating hive

    I realise that the problems I have had will not be solved by changing the my hive. It is a horizontal long hive not a topbar hive that I will be moving my bees to, I didn't realise the difference. I realise that I will get less honey but should still harvest enough for my family. I will get more...
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    Relocating hive

    Thank you for your help, The reasons for trying the horizontal long hive is that I have not had much success with my bees in the National hive and another beekeeper suggested that I try a topbar hive which he uses quite successfully, I have also read good reports about it so decided to give it a...
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    Relocating hive

    I am planning on relocating my bees to a sunnier part of the garden, can this be done late winter without having to move them miles away first? Also I plan to move them from a National hive to a Top Bar hive and would appreciate any tips or advice.