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    Artificial swarm without identifying queen - best method?

    this sounds perfect for my problem also. Just spent hot afternoon looking for queenie on brood and half to do AS but to no avail .loads of bees hanging around on front of hive, found 3 queeen cells. dont think she has gone as looks like same amount of bees as 2 days ago. will try the PM...
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    what to do after bees swarm

    my neighbour took a photo of the swarm on the hedge about 8ft from the hive
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    what to do after bees swarm

    Hello Everyone, I have just come back from 2 week hols to find bees swarmed sunday.they were on brood and half, I put a super on the day i left which is now almost full not capped. the brood and half are crammed full of stores as i look down inside.dont know how much brood as the 2 are joined...