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    Lucky me

    Busy doing my chores when daughter shouts the bees are swarming. Out I go and get ready and as usual rather than the textbook swarm three feet off the ground 20 ft up over a stream! So as I am jerry rigging a pole and net to reach them they decide to come home so ah well back to chores. But...
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    Looking to introduce some new queens to my hives later in the year and wondered what methods people use? I know alot of people recommend introducing to a nuc first but am looking for a reliable method to introduce direct into hive.
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    Langstroth advice

    Hi, Have a look at Paradise Honey poly hives as look very strong. Considering them myself :) also have a UK distributer [email protected]. I've no connection with them but just looking for a good strong polyhive myself.
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    Paradise Beehives - Queen Trap

    Hi All, Just looking at the Paradise hives from Finland which look ok but intrigued by their Queen trap system which I have not seen before. Have pasted the description below so you can have a read as not sure how good a method thisreally is? Main advantages: – easy to assemble and use –...
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    Apis cerana

    Hi, Not so swarmy just get up and go, the whole colony! Be it lack of food or problem with hornets. There are some good utube videos of Japanese beekeepers keeping Cerana in what looks likemini Warre hives.
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    Asian Hornet - Gloucestershire

    I'm just learning how to deal with them out here and have put some traps out but also resorting to the old squash racket trap!! I think it will inevitably be just another thing you have to deal with! The nests I have found so far are actually quite small with colonies made up of 20 -50 hornets...
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    New Apiary in Bali

    No swarming normally follows the rainy season so just once a year, saying that the way the weather is messing around at the moment will wait and see! Fantastic bees, no need for vail or anything just sit quietly on the frame, how it should be. Has to smile as when they were delivered I asked...
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    New Apiary in Bali

    Hi, There is a mix of Coconut, Banana, Mango, Papaya and others that I do not know yet. Quite a steep learning curve at the minute as no fixed seasons like the UK so not sure when flowering season is for a lot of the plants. Will get there eventually.
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    New Apiary in Bali

    Well after a year without bees its nice to get back into it as really missed them. And setting up again in a new country where beekeeping is very limited will make it interesting. Just received 15 hives from Java as nearly impossible to locate Melifera locally but this is a start and once...
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    Scilly Isles

    We were there a year ago and talked to the gardener on Tresco who did have some hives but lost them all, not sure through disease or lack of experience but they were looking to import some AMM from isle of Man.
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    Granulation stickers

    What is the problem with microwave? As Thornes are cheap enough BUT do mention microwave.
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    Honey sales to drop!

    Saw this on Yahoo.
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    combining cast swarms

    Thanks for the replies will give it a go tomorrow :) when do you get to the stage of having to combine with paper between the two sets of bees, any guidlines?
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    Have a nice size bumble bee nest in a bird box. Picked it out of someones compost bin a month ago so did not think it had much chance of surviving but gone from strength to strength :)
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    combining cast swarms

    What is the easiest way to combine 2 or even 3 small cast swarms. By small I mean less than a full frame each if that helps. Was hoping to put them together as a viable NUC.
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    Another swarming question

    I agree realy just assume if there are 3 or more all swarm cells. Did AS so hopefully will work out.
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    Another swarming question

    What should you do when you find swarm cells and supercedure cells in the same frame / hive? Do you assume they are all swarm cells? The swarm going would be a prime swarm so old queen?
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    Are you ready for your second year

    Going into my third year and gone from one hive in first year, three second year and at moment am on ten!!! Good luck to you all :)
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    Queen Cells - checking top Brood Box ONLY

    Had the same cells can be at bottom, middle or top of frame. They just don't read the books I am afraid !!
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    Queen Cells - checking top Brood Box ONLY

    I run double BB without an excluder on top, and have had queen cells in both the bottom and top brood boxes, even found a single queen cell on a super frame full of honey so just checking the top BB will not be 100% safe.