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    Bait hives set

    Thanks MJBee, One solitary bee came back today 10.30am-12.30am (in and out of the hive again). Nothing since! I have made the necessary adjustment as you suggested so we will see what tomorrow brings?? Regards Repy.
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    Bait hives set

    Hi Again, As we all know bees are in short supply. We have however got the hives set up read for when stocks become available via are local BBKA. I have placed both hives at there final location. Me and the wife spent an hour or so yesterday watching two or three scout bees going in and out...
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    Hover Bees...what are they?

    Hi, Me and the wife have been bee spotting in the garden but as not yet manage to see any girls foraging. What we do see quite often are what look like bees? just hovering and landing on leaves (no interest in the flowers/pollen) they also seem to chase one another off (a territory kind of...
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    Nucs in Lancashire

    Hi, Any contacts for Nucs/Bees in my local area?:cheers2:
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    More bees for sale

    Thanks for the info VEG, I have contacted one or two and hopfully should have some bees by the end of the month.
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    Bait hives set

    Answers coming along like busses now!! lol It to me sounds like you either get luck or you don't! What about pure essential lavender oil...found some lying around in the bathroom? I know a very good health food shop so will get myself some lemongrass if not. As for the old comb, with not...
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    Bait hives set

    Ok guys just totally ignore my question...well I am a newbie after all!!
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    Bait hives set

    Do you think this might work?
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    Do you plan to start Beekeeping this year ?

    Hello All, My first post on this great forum. Me and my wife are going to the beginners course next Saturday near Southport, any other newbies on here going? We have not bought any equipment as yet, but I'm considering Nationals or commercials. I intend to keep two hives to begin with at the...