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    splitting without finding a queen

    Is there any way to split a hive without having to be able to find and mark the Queen first ?? have tried to find her but she's proving elusive even though i know she's laying. As i have only the one hive its provong an obstacle to me
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    tactics for defeating swarming

    Hi there i'm new to the forum & beekeeping so i dont know if this question has been aired before. I've read ted hoopers book, "bees at the bottom of garden", seen a video or two and joined the county bee group. so far so good. I hope to take delivery of a nuc in mid April. My question is this...
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    Blue Nitrile Gloves

    the nitrile i would consider a bit light. they can tear. just wear two pairs at a time, you dont lose sensitivity in your fingers and if the outside pair get too sticky you can always take them off. Harder wearing nitrile gloves are available from suppliers to the emergency services google "pre...