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  1. J

    Omlet Beehaus

    Fare comment that you can build hives cheaper (and well done for doing so!). Thanks Simon though for the most unbiased and full answer I have seen anywhere.
  2. J

    Omlet Beehaus

    Well just to break the mold here's a second post. I'm only a new member to see the full thread (as I like to do my research as you guys are so keen to point out is important). I'm guessing you have quite a few new members for the same reason and surely that isn't a bad thing. At least people are...
  3. J

    Omlet Beehaus

    I am someone who has been interested in being a Bee Keeper for the last year. I went to the Bee Keeping demonstration and stand at the South of England show. I asked lots of pertinent questions and they seemed very keen to get new keepers interested. If I did decide to take this interest forward...