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    Allergic reaction / desensitisation programme advice

    Desensitisation to bee stings takes 3 years of treatment. First injection is 10% of a single sting building up once a week to a 200% sting on week twelve. It stays at 200% but next treatment is 4 weeks later then every 6 weeks for the rest of the term. You would likely be given a blood test...
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    2011 Queens £20 each inc P&P

    Hi CB, If another mated queen becomes available I would be interested. Regards.
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    Fondant heads up.

    I stay just up the road in Perth. I put 12kg of fondant on each of my hives on Sunday. Hives got their fondant on 21st Nov last year and all worked out well, so I would say now would be a good time.
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    Think it's mustards, different from rape, think its grown to increase fertility when ploughed back in, also as pheasant cover. I might be wrong though.
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    Thanks very much, two large fields within a stones throw of me.
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    Is this mustard?
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    There are two fields of what I think is mustard, with in a field or two of my hives. Looks like rape but not, not has high or dence. Just coming into flower. Does anybody know is it any good for honey?
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    Good idea or not?

    Cheers, done that on Wednesday the 7th.
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    Good idea or not?

    Decided just to go for it and added a second brood box, did so on 7/3/10 and gave them 3 pints of syrup at the same time. Gave them a quick look today 12/3/10 they had finished the syrup which I replaced, had drawn out more than half of the new comb and there was eggs in at least 2 of the new...
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    Good idea or not?

    Mmm, good point. Think I might hold off then.
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    Good idea or not?

    Thanks for the replies.. Just left a little fondant, once I see they are taking the syrup I will remove it. If they can draw some of the comb out at least that would be a bit of progress. Some good weather coming so think I am going to go for it
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    Good idea or not?

    Good idea or not? I have one colony of bees, got them as a nuc at the end of June last year. They seem to come come through the winter rather well, loads of activity, heaps of pollen going in. I gave them a very quick first look of the year on Sunday, checked to see what was left of the 12kg of...
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    Making Soft Set Honey

    A picture paints a thousand words. Fantastic video and clear well spoken instructions. I would be interested to know the type of your base honey.
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    screw the system

    Not to mention Sky TV, games room, gym, and when you get out they will give you a grant so you can buy some more bullets.
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    5 Frame Nucs

    Why not try and make one of Hedgerowpete's. He has done an excellent video on youtube. I followed his instructions and mine came out okay, make the odd mod.
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    Winter Crops

    Well I made a a few bottle of sloe gin as usual, lovely outdoor winter drink.
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    Weather forecast

    Joined the Fife Beekeepers Assoc who work very closely with DW Assoc both very helpful
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    Weather forecast

    No more difficult than usual, only treated over the centre part of the brood box where 90% of the bees where. The fondant and QE came off and went back on together. Bought the ready made up OA from Thorne's and used a syringe which I bought from a local vet place for .17p to measure and...
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    Weather forecast

    Very cold here in Perth, -11.4 C at 10.30am this morning, First year beekeeping and have been nursing them since I got my nuc at the end of June from my local association. They expanded quickly and I managed to get a little honey, 15LB Gave them a full 12.5kg of fondant on top of the QE on...
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    Honey Refractometer

    Thanks and sorry for not doing a search before hand.