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  1. Jon Seddon

    Gas Vap Blowtorch

  2. Jon Seddon

    Gas Vap Blowtorch

    If you could get the model, that would be great👍
  3. Jon Seddon

    Shook swarms - all bees, every spring

    OA unless a licensed treatment such as Api bioxal is illegal as a varroa treatment. However, it is not illegal as a disinfectant, in the same way as thymol. That’s my my understanding.
  4. Jon Seddon

    Fogger v Vaporization with Gas Vape

    I’ve got both, the Gas Vap is easier to use and doesn’t require mixing of a solution. you need to make sure you keep the tube clear in the Gas Vap (using the dosing cup handle), it also gets very hot and you need leather gloves and a pan of water to cool the caps down. I couldn’t get the...
  5. Jon Seddon

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    I use tin snips:
  6. Jon Seddon

    Oxalic treatment and supers seems to have already happened?
  7. Jon Seddon

    What is the best OA vaporiser? gas vaporiser
  8. Jon Seddon

    Oxalic treatment and supers

    Would you use a crown board with a bee escape to get all your bees down below the supers?
  9. Jon Seddon

    Equipment For Sale Clear Polycarbonate Crownboards

    Take care of yourself, your health is precious
  10. Jon Seddon

    Blowtorch recommendation please!

    As others have said, this one - Rothenberger Hotbag Deal Kit Includes Superfire 2 Torch, 15mm Pipeslice, Soldering Mat, Map Gas and Carry Bag : DIY & Tools
  11. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

    Who knows, however, when I spoke to him he used terms like after gluing I sand it down to remove the glue. Sounded genuine to me, but we’ll see
  12. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

  13. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

    Oh well, I’ll find out
  14. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

    Just spoke with Harry who founded the business and builds the hives. What a great person to talk to, full of good advice, no hard sell, really supportive. I will use him again
  15. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

    I meant the supplier Moss Nook Honey lol
  16. Jon Seddon

    Moss Nook Honey

    Hi Anybody got experience with their hives or bees? thanks in advance Jon