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    A year to the day and they will be back in stock. But this time: No longer powder coated, now galvanised. Instead of two for £50, it is one for £39.99 I am not entirely convinced at that price
  2. Apiarisnt

    Cheap insulation in S Wales to make hive cosies

    50/55MM 1.2X2.4M FOIL FACED SHEETS £22 and lots of other thicknesses PIR polyisocyanurate rather than polyurethane
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    Unless you have been proven to have a severe anaphylactic shock to bee venom, then an EpiPen or similar is not warranted ( and anyway not available). Nevertheless, awareness of the potential danger is sufficiently important that in our...
  4. Apiarisnt

    Ideas for homemade Honey Warmer and use an STC 3000 controller
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    Bee Keeping Apps

    Very swift response from ApiManager staff on this issue. Seems that there are compatibility problems with Firefox. I am finding no compatibility problems with Brave. ApiManager seems to fulfil most of my requirements. There are a few niggles, but relatively minor. As it is free for up to 20...
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    Bee Keeping Apps

    This has not been an issue in the five years that I have been using Beetight
  7. Apiarisnt

    Bee Keeping Apps

    ...but iOS only I believe
  8. Apiarisnt

    Bee Keeping Apps

    I used to use Beetight, but the developer cannot be bothered to update it to function with the latest verison of Android. Now trialling Apimanager (ApiManager - Apiary and Beehive Management Software For Beekeepers ). Seems OK but have intermittent issues logging in from various PCs. Never a...
  9. Apiarisnt

    Equipment Wanted Wanted: Bee Suit

    Zonda and the Alize. Alize for day to day, Zonda for hot weather. Last summer there were days when I could not see what I was doing for sweat pouring off my forehead. Currently I use a seriously cheap STB tunic for nipping out to the hives to check them. I keep a separate cut price Bee Basics...
  10. Apiarisnt

    Equipment Wanted Wanted: Bee Suit

    Bought a couple. They seem well made and comparable to bigger brand versions. Not used them in anger yet. Reasonably close fitting, but I am told that the 'Professional' version is a lot looser. Each one comes with both a fencing and a round veil, so useful to have a back up.
  11. Apiarisnt

    Malvern Spring Show

    You need to wait for the Three Counties Show in June: Royal Three Counties Show 2022| Three Counties Showground when the BKAs representing the three counties (Herefordshire, Worcstershire and Gloucestershire) will have a stand. Herefordshire's turn to take the lead this year.
  12. Apiarisnt

    Blowtorch recommendation please!

    I have had one of those for years. You may find that the most effective way to use them is to go round once, during which the weeds wilt but do not burn because of their water content, and then go round a second time a few days later after they have dried out. They take a few minutes for the...
  13. Apiarisnt

    Blowtorch recommendation please!

    Buy cheap - buy twice, Or in my case buy several cheapos before saving money by buying the more expensive Rothenberger.
  14. Apiarisnt

    You have been framed...

    Back in Lidl next Sunday...
  15. Apiarisnt

    hive varnish

    Each to his own, but I find that applying 'raw' (not 'boiled') linseed oil containing around 5% to 8% of beeswax, to new cedar keeps it looking golden brown for years (and helps preserve it). Best applied on a warm / hot day but can be done anytime.
  16. Apiarisnt

    Equipment Wanted Wanted: Bee Suit

    I normally rely on Simon the Beekeeeper, but just at the moment these people are offering 60% off: Bee Proof Suits | Bee Suits | Wildlife Homes (use SIXTYOFF at the checkout) No idea how good they are but I have ordered one
  17. Apiarisnt

    New suit needed

    For what it is worth... 'Bee Proof Suits' : Bee Suits | beeproofsuits are currently offering 60% off their suits. You need to use 'SIXTYOFF' at the checkout. I have no idea what the quality is like, but I have ordered one and will report back. Given the deep discount and the limited range of...
  18. Apiarisnt

    Beekeeper since 1982.

    The efficacy of lithium in treating varroa has been attracting extensive discussions in France (Connexion) A relevant drawback may well be the toxicity of lithium, in sufficient quantities, to humans.
  19. Apiarisnt

    Solar Panel Storage Batteries

    As you will see in the references I made, LiFePO4 is itself a lithium ion chemistry, but is only one of several lithium-ion chemistries. I would also recommend reading this book: Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy: Fletcher, Seth...