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    Chronic Paralysis Virus

    Hi, Have a look on the other thread SHAKING BEES DYING, there is a link to a video there which on watching confirmed that one of my hives have it.
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    Shaking Bees and Dying !

    Hi, CBPV I say, wow the video on the link sent brings it all home, my bees show the exact symptons, I will read up and see if there are any cures. Thanks folks, started thread just what 20 mins ago and think at least we know what it is. Thanks.
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    Shaking Bees and Dying !

    Hi, I remove the brood chamber purely to clear the floor, having not done it for 3 days the floor is full and restricting the entrance so has to be done, the bees dont mind and are not bad tempered in any way, my inspector has taken some samples away and should hear soon from him, this is...
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    Shaking Bees and Dying !

    Hi, Kept bees for 25yrs and have never come across this, bees from the hive cleaning each other vigoursly and even dragging bees away from the hive, some crawling away from the hive and dying, I remove the brood chamber every day and clear a 100 plus dead bees from the mesh floor. On...
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    dismal results on welsh heather bees

    Hello, Gosh here is a bloke that has made fellow beekeepers, some of who are new to beekeeping to be aware of a situation that can occur on heather and he gets slagged off. What next, oh you are cruel to the bees because you do this and dont do the other. Thankyou my man for your input, and...
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    Where's my home?

    Hi, Moved my bees away from the house (more than 3 miles) as I wanted to locate the hives at the other side of the garden here at home, they were gone for 12 days and when I brought them back home I was surprised that some of the bees returned to where the hives were originally, after 12 days...
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    Frame spacing

    Hi, No, only the brood chamber, the supers were started on narrow spacing then moved on to the wide spacers. I will ask this guy later if after the brood frames were spaced and drawn perfectly he then adjusted the spacing to narrow ends right through the brood chamber, I will let you all...
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    Frame spacing

    Hi, A guy has just rang me and said he uses narrow ends on one frame then a frame with no end on then another frame with a narrow spacer on and so on, he says the bees have no choice but keep the cells perfectly drawn, he has used the system for years with great results. Thanks, Colin.
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    Even nastier bees?

    Hi Zaphod, I feel so sorry for you but I must thank you for your humour, you have brought tears to my eyes with laughter, you came across so funny. Oliver 90 owner gave you good advice, thanks and enjoy, Colin.
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    Frame spacing

    Hi, I have seen recently on television on a couple of occasions, beekeepers, opening their hives up and the frames are perfectly drawn, no bulges in the comb or anything, perfect, what is the secret ? I use hoffman frames and keep them tight and feel that the spacing may be a little large...