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  1. TonyLack

    Swarm trap etiquette have I been good or bad?

    I have someone who puts bait hives near my apiary, so I know just how Wingy feels.
  2. TonyLack

    How many hives hits the "sweet-spot"?

    Started peacefully with one a few years back. Now I have 18 spread over 6 apiaries. The spead is good because its easy to move bees over 3 miles but its a long day if I inspect them all. Its not the inspecting that the issue, its that they all do stupid things at the same time!!
  3. TonyLack

    "Accidental" drones

    I'm going to have to read a book!!
  4. TonyLack

    "Accidental" drones

    How about this for a theory: Workers are always produced from fertilised eggs. This is Diploid as it has two different genes. Drone are produced from unfertilised eggs. This is Haploid as it has one gene. But if an egg is fertilised with two genes but those genes are the same then a Diploid...
  5. TonyLack

    Equipment For Sale Clear Polycarbonate Crownboards

    6 National with rims and holes please.
  6. TonyLack

    Could one help me with an explanation for this...

    Photo is great indeed. But what is BRIAS?
  7. TonyLack

    Why sell ten 10 frames with a box that can fit 11?

    I use 10 frames in my 14*12 Nationals along with 2 Dummy boards. That way they have a bit of extra insulation at both ends and when I inspect I can start at the end with the sun behind me. Plus there is now no need to put that first frame on a hanger or on the floor.
  8. TonyLack


    Electronics Woodwork 3D-Printing & CNC Milling Town Mayor Gardening Removing graffiti
  9. TonyLack

    Bee vac

    I have a solid hoover pipe attached to the side of a bucket. The bucket has a lid where the flexible hose goes to the vacuum. That's surrounded by fine mesh. As the bucket is small I can carry it so there is no ribbed hose or bends where the bees go.