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    Brussels wants to stop unfettered growth in beehives

    This article popped up on my phone today. Apparently, the Brussels environment agency is removing all it's own hives from nature sites it manages as part of a plan to tackle the growth of members of the public keeping bees...
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    Selby Beekeepers Winter Theory Course 2019

    Selby Beekeepers is a newly formed beekeeping Association and are looking for new members to join this exciting, forward thinking group. We will be holding our 1st Winter Theory Course for new beekeepers starting on Wednesday 6th March 2019 from 7.00pm to 9.00pm and will run every Wednesday...
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    Off to the Heather

    This has been one of my best years. Took three hives up to the North York Moors at the end of July just as the heather was coming into flower. Brought them back last Sunday. Extracted 193lbs in total of top quality Ling, that's averaging 64lbs per hive! well pleased. Paul.
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    Abelo lyson extractor

    Sorry, meant to be 30 lbs not 30 kg. Paul.
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    Abelo lyson extractor

    Yes, this is normal for that model extractor and also their smaller models. I have one of these machines and it concerned me at first. The motor is located underneath the unit and drives the drive shaft which, in turn, passes through a tube in base of the unit. The tube is approx 2" to 3" above...
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    Chronic Migraine

    I know this is not like a migraine but I have suffered with severe tension headaches since I was a child. These are bad, often lasting a couple of hours and very painful. Been to doctors many times, but the usual explanations, stress, change your job, take painkillers etc. I don't like taking...
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    Bayer' New Varroa Weapon?

    Ooops, looks like I'm with VM on this one also! Paul
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    Bayer' New Varroa Weapon?

    Any new method without using chemicals would be great, IF it works! The designer gives more details on his web site Not yet for sale,still in testing phase. Paul.
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    Bayer' New Varroa Weapon? Clicking on the photo at the top of the page takes you to Bayer's new bee-gate. I wonder if the mites will build up a resistance like they have with bayvarol? Paul
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    Ebay fraudulent listings

    Hi All, Just to make you aware that the following listings in the beekeeping section of Ebay are fraudulent. Items 251373258959, 251373255243 and 251373253495 all posted by Rostislavchoo. The pictures are all my stock photos and are being used without my permission. The first one is...
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    Ebay fraudulent listings

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    Wasps still attacking

    When are these little beggers going to die off! 7 degrees and sunny here this lunch time. Noticed wasps attacking a hive close to my workshop. About 15 to 20 of them trying to get into the hive, the bees were putting up a good defence considering they should have been in a cluster. I reduced the...
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    Wasps still attacking

    Been harrased with them all summer! Still trying to get into my hives this afternoon. They must like the taste of my 'minty' honey!
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    a Warning !

    Oh dear! I think this has happened before. See crappy ebay sellers Click on the link to see his ebay feedback before he disappeared from view Looks like he's resurfaced!
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    strange coloured honey this year?

    Oh! don't get me going on that one. I located the source. Some of the skips were quite new and 'bee proof' but there was a number of old skips with badly fitting lids and doors. These were inundated with bees and wasps. Contacted NBU and local enviromental health informing them of possible...
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    strange coloured honey this year?

    Don't need to go to France for that! My hives were full of multi coloured honey this year, red, green, yellow, every damn colour! My entire honey crop (as it was) from 12 hives was ruined. There is a haulage company about half a mile away from my apiary who are transporting waste chocolate...
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    Horsley Board wanted

    (Sorry Admin if I'm contravening commercial advertising rules. Please feel free to delete if I am.)
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    D F Morris

    Hi Tina, I recently made some Morris boards for Michael Badger for the prodution of a beecraft booklet on the subject. Shown here: He also wrote an article on the subject in, I think, the February...
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    Beekeeping Videos

    Yeah..... thanks for that RAB! Thats the very reason why I don't post here much. If you are not a member of the inner circle and try to post something of interest theres always some twohat ready to put you down with a snide comment. Sorry to all the others as there does appear to be some sort...
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    Beekeeping Videos

    Hi All, I think I may have posted this here before, but for the benifit of new beekeepers, this is one of my favorite sites. At the bottom of the screen click on the box marked 'Wildlife & Animals'. Then click on 'videos' at the top of the left hand screen...