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  1. beesrus

    Fondant Tesco

    Oh now I feel like I'm practicing some kind of animal cruelty : ) I may consider making my own then, should I find a spare hour with a tornado of a 15 month old baby!!!
  2. beesrus

    Fondant Tesco

    Think hivemaker must have some in the cupboard. If it's good enough for humans I'm sure it's good enough for bees plus I'm sure thymol and oxalic acid aren't present in food....! Anyway in this product only an acidity regulator and a stabiliser are present which are not that bad, relatively...
  3. beesrus

    Fondant Tesco

    Hi all, As you lovely lot normally have your fingers well and truly on the pulse I should think I am probably not the first to post this. Tesco are doing a 3 for 2 on 1kg and 0.5 kg Fondant. Cheers Beesrus
  4. beesrus

    Seriously Angry Bees

    Ben I don't agree that you are being irresponsible in the slightest, being part of the forum and asking for help demonstrates the complete opposite. There are some good suggestions above. There is little point inspecting this time of year unless you are worried about something in particular...
  5. beesrus

    stung again grrrrrr

    Try your wife's perfume for a week, see what happens.
  6. beesrus

    Protective Suits - recommendations

    Hi, I like the durability of the Sherriff suits decided to go with a khaki countryman smock veil from ************* not to keen on the all in ones as I get to hot even in mild weather. Beesrus
  7. beesrus

    Bees on the outside

    Ahhh thanks, penny dropped... Yes treating them with Apiguard now. Fantastic just up near fiveways near to poynton. Where are u?
  8. beesrus

    Bees on the outside

    Hi, Can someone reassure me this is normal behaviour? Been doing this for 2 days now. Thanks
  9. beesrus

    Bee spray

    Hi, I am going to re-combine 2 of my colonies today and wondered whether anyone knew the correct quantity of ingredients for spraying the bees? Lemon grass oil? Sugar? Water? Last time I did this I had White bees flying around for weeks, I did however observe some drift between hives which I...
  10. beesrus


    Hi, A local timber merchants have suggested I use Ash for my hive components does anyone have any thoughts on this? I tend to weather proof my hives a dark brown anyway. Thanks BeesRus
  11. beesrus

    Trying to get to know my bees

    I would say re-queen... That's what I was taught and have read in a few books. I split a very gentle hive this year and the result was an angry bunch of £:)@;&; A simple change of Queen can make all the difference, good or bad it's the risk u take. Good luck
  12. beesrus

    Blue pollen

    Can anyone tell me what plant the blue pollen is coming from?
  13. beesrus

    Interesting behaviour

    Halted the recombining.... Didn't have the time to go through the brood frames again to find her.
  14. beesrus

    Tonight's Pyjama Party

    I wonder what they are doing and what stimulus made them all venture out like that. Has it happened again?
  15. beesrus

    Interesting behaviour

    Hi I attempted to recombine 2 colonies today after an AS a month ago. I have a good laying queen in one hive so went through the other hive to locate and dispatch the queen who is not laying. When I located her I noticed some rather peculiar behaviour. I have observed mated queens and they seem...
  16. beesrus

    Bees Wanted Cheshire area

    Hi Howard, I have a nuc available, only want to overwinter 2 and I have 1 spare. It is a split from my main hive Queen was born on 25th June. Prolific layer to shame to let her go really she was mated and laying within 5 days. It's on a 6 frame nuc currently not on all frames but doing well...
  17. beesrus

    Wow - that was fun!!

    Text book, well done!!! You'll make a better beek than me.. : )
  18. beesrus

    I'm a beekeeper

    Haha welcome to the club, not the best weather for inspections but it's got to be done so we have to expect some badly behaved bees.
  19. beesrus

    Wanted nuc south wales

    Hi, if u struggle to find someone local i am in Newport on the 27th July I have a nuc that has drawn out 4 of 6 frames Queen is doing very well born on 25 June. So if you want it I can supply for £90 as it's only on 4 frames. This nuc is surplus to requirements as I only want 2 nucs to...
  20. beesrus

    fully capped frames

    That is terrible I would be absolutely inconsolable if that happened to me. Have you been to see a specialist? Well if there was ever a reason to leave the supers well alone until the end of the season that is it.