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    Bait hive - anyone found anything we can re purpose?

    Brand new (unused) fish boxes About 7 years ago I bought 4 polystyrene fish boxes off ebay for a tenner. They were around 40-45 ltr and the same approx shape and exterior size as a Paynes 6 frame nuc. Glued in a couple of small wooden pieces so that I could hang old brood frames, drilled a 50p...
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    Bait hives

    My fake WBC I was given a fake WBC compost bin a few years ago by a well meaning local who thought it was a hive. To wind up a difficult neighbour I put it, empty, in a prominent position in my garden border. Two years running swarms took up residence and were a pain to take out. SO last year I...
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    Are Bee stings hurting more this year ?

    Are you just getting better ? had my first proper sting of the year last week, I had forgotten the feeling..
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    LimeWatch UK

    Much as I hate to say it, when I used to sail regularly over to France, the french met office were noticably more accurate than our British counterparts.. OK for Hampshire but I appreciate less use further north !
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    3 nucs available South Bucks

    3 x 5 frame nucs BS National Frames 2012 Queens ( spotted white as my yellow marker pen cracked open during the winter !) Not clipped by-product of my swarm control -- each queen came out of large hives 5 weeks ago as 2 brood frams and one of food. Original hives have subsequently become...
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    What protection do you wear?

    Smock, marigolds and wellies for me Marigolds to keep propolis off me Smock just in case they are on the turn Wellies because with my selective breeding I have a lovely set of bees but each year I always get one that discovers that "down" is as interesting as "up" - just happened again two...
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    BAIT HIVES - what's your success rate?

    But the neighbours never believe you when you say they are not yours ! After a particularly large swarm ( not mine) spend a while doing laps around a neighbours garden 2 years ago, I moved my one small home hive out to the out apiary with all the others. Last year, while neighbour was...
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    With only 3 slides, I agree you probably want to keep to one aspect. If the audience have little knowledge and attention span why not just stick with the main questions all beekeepers get asked all the time. 1. Why keep bees ? ---- honey, wax, propolis, polination, interest, being the main...
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    Help needed - rather random question!!

    you could identify the different types of bee, the guard bees, scouts, comb builders etc .... sort of a "World of Beecraft" ..... :laughing-smiley-004 sorry !
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    Bait Hives

    With bees not reading the books I assumed they would try that trick on my spare woodwork stack. So I put a polystyrene 40ltr fish box on the top of the stack ( about 8ft high behind my garage) with a couple of old black brood combs in it... 2 weeks later I watched a swarm come down my drive...
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    Bees foul

    I read somewhere that Bees can be bad on OSR becuase of high sugar content of nectar and high volume -- akin to a toddler on a gallon of full sugar cola ..... Given that for many of us the weather has meant that spring flowers started late and so there is a huge flow on as it all comes at once...
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    what's best when q-

    One thing bees teach us is Patience. Each year in general I try to remove Q to a nuc and let hive requeen -- if requeen successfuly, sell nuc, if not, mate Nuc back to Hive. Good Queens I leave 2 Q cells and BEFORE hatching take a second nuc off with the second Q cell Poor queens have all q...
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    A swarm came to visit...

    After saying I had never had one, I got one call Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday. Friday one flew off as I put my beesuit on Saturday one 40ft up a tree Sunday was Wasps. and becuase I was messing about with swarms, while putting suit on to go and look at my hives one of mine swarmed - one...
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    How many apiaries in your neck of the woods?

    between 155 and 187 for my 3 apiaries but 10 swarm collectors under 2 miles which focusses the mind to "keep the hives strong but dont let them swarm"....... which I suppose is good practice for beekeeping ...
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    Inspection in hot weather

    I've found in hot weather using a water spray instead of smoke has created far less stress and aggro, plus the odd spray in my own face to cool down helps .....
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    Help with bees in brickwork

    One of my apiaries is in the garden of an old lady who has a huge number of masonry bees in the mortar of the roof tiles on an old cottage ...... each year for about 3-4 weeks it looks like there is hundreds at a time on her roof and then it goes quiet again.... It started last Sunday for this...
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    warm day so how many swarms

    Clipped queen ?
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    Swarms Is it me

    Jeff, it could be worse ..... Saturday - Nothing Sunday - Nothing Monday - Nothing Tuesday - nothing but found a Beekeeper from a different association taking a huge one 4 ft above ground in an apple tree 4 houses away from mine ! Turns out the occupants are on holiday and the housesitter...
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    Bait boxes

    I wouldnt know... 4 bait boxes , so far two wasp nests, one wrens nest ( obviously big asperations !!) and a woodpecker redesigning the outside. :mad:
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    virgin queens - when will they begin to lay

    :iagree: :iagree: More than once ..