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  1. birdsandbees

    Best bee suit under £50

    My experiences are that it's the veil material that makes the biggest difference, having gone through a few cheaper suits including three from STBK and one from Maisemore the plastic mesh does eventually split, usually only discovered when dealing with an abnormally aggressive colony as they...
  2. birdsandbees

    woodpecker protection

    I'm currently working on some slip over covers made from pond liner, my hives are all Poly and easily damaged by Professor Yaffle. Having stabbed the crap out of it with a sharp screwdriver and not broken through it and only dented the poly slightly I'm confident they will do the job and will be...
  3. birdsandbees

    Enforcing licenced products

  4. birdsandbees

    New Design Abelo National hive

    I've been looking into these recently, though hadn't seen the revamped design, most of mine are Maisemore Poly hives but as they keep creeping up the prices they are now comparable to other manufacturers prices whos designs seem more robust. the down side being I'll have two lots of kit :(
  5. birdsandbees

    Soft set/ creamed honey

    Interesting, I warm and liquefy my hard set OSR type honey, seed it, then as it sets slowly, I get a mixing paddle in it and gently mix it to produce a very soft 'creamy' texture.. The definition of creaming - blending ingredients together to obtain a creamy texture. I get that it's still soft...
  6. birdsandbees


    :icon_204-2::icon_204-2::icon_204-2: surely you can't copyright a general description of something naturally occurring ;)
  7. birdsandbees

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry

    I frickin detest that comment 'Bees heat the cluster not the hive' its like saying I heat my body not my clothes! as you point out above, yes they heat the cluster but don't have to work as hard to do so in an insulated hive :banghead:
  8. birdsandbees

    Oil Seed Rape in September / October

    :yeahthat: You never know, a decent spell of weather and you could still get a flow from it.
  9. birdsandbees

    Overwintering and number of Brood Boxes/Supers

    :yeahthat: if the Super is full and the colony strong then you could leave it where it is and add some insulation above to help retain warmth/reduce condensation, the other option is to 'nadir' the honey and stick it under the brood box, but make sure that they don't get robbed if you do.
  10. birdsandbees

    Reducing hive entrance

    Dude! your'e in Cornwall, good luck to any mice trying to get into the hive while they are still active. Mice shouldn't be an issue until the bees are clustered up when it gets really cold, I don't use them myself all my hives are Poly and elevated off the floor. The only time I have had a...
  11. birdsandbees

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry

    Walrus;690151]I'm puzzled by this issue. Beekeepers seem to love to form into polarised groups and slag off the other side (like politics). Maybe both parties are right for their own locations/conditions, I have no idea. Partially - in my own experience it's often the unwillingness to accept...
  12. birdsandbees

    Bee suit for beginner

    Exactly - watch Michael Palmers video 'the importance of getting stung'
  13. birdsandbees

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry

    I often let logic guide me in many things, allowing an air gap for any warm air to rise and leave the hive in the depths of winter to is not logical, you wouldn't poke holes in the roof of your house to alleviate a bit of condensation on the windows in winter would you?
  14. birdsandbees

    Vape Masks

    Same could be said for any of the treatments, this one is for MAQS, how many wear full P.P.E as is expected for O.A when handling this sh*t! Harmful if swallowed. Category 4 H332 Harmful if inhaled. Category 4 H290 May be corrosive to metals. Category 1 H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye...
  15. birdsandbees

    Queenless Ratty Nuc

    I was told by a well know queen breeder that leaving attendants would result in 100% rejection, I used to but now I don't and have introduced quite a few queens with them present with no ill effect. I can't see why it would induce aggression any more than any other bee that picks up her...
  16. birdsandbees

    Honey Show Entries.

    I've only ever show my Honey once and that was last years club AGM. I took two jars one set one runny but wasn't sure which it should go into, turns out it was correct, some had entered incorrectly but the judge sorted it out. It's all a bit weird when you really look into it, from what he said...
  17. birdsandbees

    Have i done this wrong ?

    That was exactly what I was thinking, you need the right environment for them to propagate brood and sufficient numbers, if there aren't that many and the space is vast then they will struggle to maintain the brood nest temperature, better to wait until they are fully occupying the brood area...
  18. birdsandbees

    Calling Down a Swarm

    well that was an enjoyable read through!:icon_204-2: after being duped into believing that Tanging may actually work via BookFace and YouTube I actually tried it this year. The swarm was about 40 feet up in a tree, no hope of getting to them so duly trotted back to my truck and came back with...
  19. birdsandbees

    The Robbers return.

    Sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple of weaker Nucs this Autumn and have had to move a couple back home to the garage roof for now, not robbing bees but blinking wasps! one wasn't even that weak they were just overwhelmed by numbers!
  20. birdsandbees

    Body Parts

    Possibly Wasps, I lost another Nuc over the last week, entrance reduced right down to pretty much one bee size and they were okay a week ago, opened up yesterday and all dead apart from a few newly emerged bees wandering around, the bottom of the Nuc was covered in bee parts like your picture. :(