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    Some days I should not get up...

    Making sure you have crossed before your "mate" places you in a commanding position
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    Plastic heather honey loosener

    Agreed. Why would anybody try to extract heather honey? Use starter strips in the super. Cut out the comb into broad stripes and pack into jars. Finish topping up the jars with the drips from the frames
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    A truly brilliant deduction, and it's England that should be trying to break free from they can repulse any invading midges as undesirable aliens
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    And dilute jeyes fluid or similar on the corner of the shed
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    agresive beehive, what max time will need?

    Is "requiem" a freudian slip?
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Thanks for the source. Read all the quotes
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Are all flying bees worthy?
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    How to stop the spread?

    Does Austrailia allow any kind of imported packages of bees?????? Or are Aussies slow learners?????
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    Queen introduction

    This queen initiation ceremony reminds me of my school days initiation ceremony enjoyed by pupils on first day.
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    Bee veil stiffener!

    don't forget to fit the lightning conductor
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Just a simple but most useful idea. A lot of us must have novel,good ideas which we could share.
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    Is treated wood sawdust safe?
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    Tapping trees

    Organic honey-now that is a proper joke
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    "Swarmy" season - are we in for a second round?

    When I am holding a frame my index fingers are under the frame lugs and my thumbs are pressing down on the tops of the lugs. How do you maintain a gap if you are holding a heavy frame. Are you pressing on the side bars?
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    Left Handed Hive Tool

    Did that idea come to you as you were rolling in the snow
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    Removing Winter insulation and unblock roof ventilation

    Porter bee escapes had their faults but I remember when we had nothing else
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    Treatment Free doesn't work

    My untreated hive has been doing fine for years. If I had treated it from the time I got it until now, could some expert tell me how much better(or worse) it would be today. A 5% error each way would be acceptable.
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    Warning Signs?

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    Attracting swarms - what are the odds?

    Two hands holding forked stick, Box of bees under arm. Nicely on ley line. Tripped--box fell and burst open--got well stung--DON'T mention ley lines to me.
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    Beekeeper since 1982.

    How much salt for 5 litres. I have many sizes of spoons