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  1. Oakbear

    Confession of a negligent beekeeper... and request for help please!

    Thanks people. It has been lovely to get support and help. I had forgotten the joy of trying to figure out how to manage issues as they arise, and the head scratching this can engender! oliver90owner - Taking my time seems good advice thanks. I had a bit of a panic about what to do yesterday...
  2. Oakbear

    Confession of a negligent beekeeper... and request for help please!

    Thanks again for the advice ànd consideration. I had the bug before and feel it again, and can get help hands on if i need now. I think by the time it came to that before embarrassment and assuming that it was a lost cause stopped me from doing so. I won't make that mistake again. If it gets...
  3. Oakbear

    Confession of a negligent beekeeper... and request for help please!

    Thank you for the replies. I understand the ire about my negligence. My intent now is to resume keeping them properly though. I think the plan for now is MAQS treatment and get an excluder in. I anticipate finding the queen will be tricky though, given the size and aggression. Any ideas if i...
  4. Oakbear

    What suit? Cool, great visibility and as secure as you'll get. Not cheap, but never had a sting get through mine, even with high aggression with bees that sting through a regular suit.
  5. Oakbear

    Confession of a negligent beekeeper... and request for help please!

    2013 started off very promisingly. Although i went in with a single colony they built fast, and i did an AS to get back to 2 colonies. I visited every week. The original hive continued to go from strength to strength and i put 2 supers on, leaving off the excluder to encourage them up for a...
  6. Oakbear

    OSR still going?!

    I hadn't realised there were 2 sowings, but that makes sense. Our early OSR came early and finished about mid May, but the late stuff means there's only been a gap of a couple of weeks since April. Looks like it's virtually all OSR for me this year!
  7. Oakbear

    OSR still going?!

    Local farmers here seem to have planted a late variety, which is still in full bloom! The cold snap after the early heat we had seems to have checked it, and then better weather in the last few weeks has started it up again. Not sure if my hives are working it, but have to assume so i guess...
  8. Oakbear

    Looks like i upset them!

    Thanks again. Flatters - i had read that thread, but gave it a re-read ta. I had thought i was being patient, especially seeing as we had a few cracking days after she should have emerged. Clearly not! enrico - I may be being dim, but what options are there to raise a queen if they are Q-...
  9. Oakbear

    Looks like i upset them!

    Oh good point Flatters. The cells were clean and ready, but stores dotted around in it, with no clear area for brood made ready. Outside of frames had stores as normal. whizzwheels - That's reassuring thanks. I think a frame of brood might be helpful anyway, so i'll see!
  10. Oakbear

    Looks like i upset them!

    Thanks for the advice and info folks. I had assumed they were Q+ despite lack of eggs on inspection as if they'd been Q- for a few weeks they'd have been evil from the off. I wouldn't have needed even a veil first time. Now i'm not sure, but we'll see! susbees -When i sort the test frame i...
  11. Oakbear

    Looks like i upset them!

    After patiently waiting 3 weeks for my virgin following an AS to complete her flight and start laying, i thought i'd have a peek this afternoon. As usual they were lovely, but no sign of queen and no eggs. All old brood had hatched. Numbers appeared to have dwindled somewhat, but tons of pollen...
  12. Oakbear

    False wasp nest?

    Sorry should have searched first :blush5:
  13. Oakbear

    False wasp nest?

    Anyone used the fake wasp nests which are supposed to be a detterent to both foraging wasps and hornets? I have to say i'm skeptical, given they look like a cloth bag and cost nearly £20 for 2. Also wonder how effective it is if they smell honey! If it works it'd be worth it though.... Here's...
  14. Oakbear

    Conumdrum: Keep Supersedure or swarm Cell.

    If you have new queen cells after 3 weeks you have a queen, so check again for eggs. Given the time frame it sounds like a new queen just starting to lay. Are you sure these are queen cells? Is the unsealed one full of jelly? You still need to decide how to deal with the sealed cells if the are...
  15. Oakbear

    AMMs get my vote

    Link doesn't work.
  16. Oakbear

    Allotment Beekeeping

    I helped set up allotments in my village last year, and wanted to keep bees there so looked into it. The only thing you can have by right on a statutory (public/council) site is hens, no bees i'm afraid. There are no rights at all on private sites. Many associations will have less prohibitive...
  17. Oakbear

    Advice for a council tennant

    I agree many complaints the uneducated may make are silly, but is it worth the hassle? What incentive is there for the council to let you have them, and is it worth risking your tenancy over? Bees can be a problem, much as we love em. An out apiary solves much of it. Most farmers are very keen...
  18. Oakbear

    Burnett 14x12 extension kit

    I initially used a spare super, then a couple of ekes, with both working fine, as long as you are careful if moving the whole brood box. I have since used one of the T*****s kits, and it fits much more securely, having a lip which slots under the standard deep box. I agree on replacing the...
  19. Oakbear

    14x12 Poly nucs?

    Cheers for the help. How easy are either to convert to 14x12 though? The Park ones only look like they'll take regular nationals? And do the Modern ones need frame conversion?
  20. Oakbear

    Chalky queen advice please

    Thanks for the replies folks! Heather - I had thought of changing frames, although they're not too bad. Would a shook swarm might delay any chance of an AS. RAB - Compromise is a good point. The chalk only seems an issue when they're starting to build. It all but goes at full strength. Maybe...