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    Poly vs wood?

    I love my polyhive and i have noticed during the past few months the bees in it were active earlier and continued flying later than the two wooden hives next to the poly. There could be other variables obviously but I am convinced it is the hive material. They were just outside a patio door so...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Moved the garden hives to an out apiary last night. The garden seems very empty this morning. New neighbours are gardening the neglected patch at the extreme bottom of their garden. They are lovely people. The bees didn't like the rotavator! The neighbours are happy for them to come back after...
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    swarm hilton derbyshire

    My Hilton friend says they are still there tho morning. The weather I cold n windy.
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    swarm hilton derbyshire

    I left an answer message with the local bk association. Hopefully someone will get them.Their swarm coordinator is on holiday. They were hanging in the tree at 9.30'pm.
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    swarm hilton derbyshire

    A friend has just sent me a picture of a very large swarm in tinsel Brooke, hilton, Derbyshire if anyone can collect it. Very low in an ornamental tree in a front garden. I have no spare hives now.
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    One of my colonies is dying :(

    I was in similar position earlier. I added some sealed almost ready to emerge brood from the strong hive and then added a bought queen. They are both going well now.
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    Nobody tells you...

    :iagree: Lol! If only I had done it.
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    Wired Queen Excluder

    Me too!
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    Concerned grandparent

    I am a young grandparent! I still have a teenage son at home and he, his friends and my 5 grandchildren all enjoy playing in my garden when visiting, even with a bee hive present. My garden is not large but I have taken care to try to keep the low part of the flight path of the bees away from...
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    Just starting out

    Hi, I am not too far from you. Look on the South Staffs Bee Keepers website for contact details. I did their beginners course last year and I would recommend it. Lots of bee keepers recommend the book 'Bees & Honey' by Ted Hooper MBE - make sure you buy the updated edition. Good luck.
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    Staffordshire newbies

    Welcome. I did the SSBKA course last year - I really enjoyed it. A very dedicated team. The weather played havoc with the apiary days, we had to be very patient before we could do the hands on experiences!
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    Hive inspection Vs Poor weather

    :icon_204-2: So true! I am thankful for the hour by hour weather forecasting online - I have found it useful to pick the best hour of a bad bunch, to go for an inspection on a non-perfect day.
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    Essential items

    Great lists from everyone. My favourite buy is the polycarbonate quilt so I can see what's going on before opening up . Also after using cheap gloves and getting stung through them, I invested in some leather gauntlets and I wouldn't be without these now. Wellies are essential even on a hot...
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    A few bees flying today, yesterday and Friday when the sun was at its highest. It has been mostly bright sunshine here. The hive is insulated. Pen
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    major ivy flow

    Mine too - home hive has been busy for a couple of days. Field hive not been doing so well but lots of bright orange pollen there today so they have found some too.
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    Painful Sting this Weekend

    We were inspecting on our 20th wedding anniversary. I got 3 stings and did a runner across the field to a safe distance away and sat nursing my wounds. I left my husband to it - he was swearing like a trooper! I have never heard him swear so much in the whole twenty years of marriage. He hardly...
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    Apilife var count

    I assume you have a copy of the FERA booklet on "Managing Varroa"? Available for download on-line, though your BKA may be able to get hold of hard copies for distribition; in conjunction with a visiting speaker on the health subject Afermo Yes thank you it is a good document - got...
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    Apilife var count

    Natural varroa drop has been low all summer (average one a week even with Vaseline on the board - ants seem to walk over this with ease though!) After reading a thread on here I decided to treat anyway and I was quite shocked to find 104 dead for the first week. Also I sugar dusted 3 weeks ago...
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    Where to find land for bees

    Hi, I think it is advertising locally - shop windows etc - particularly now due to all the publicity on how the bees are struggling there are sympathetic. I found a landed person on pre****ed who was advertising land to rent. Then I approached the parish council to see about allotment rules (...