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    Adding a 2nd brood box

    Thank you Eric. Exactly the question I needed answering, having never used doble brood before. Just shows that it pay to search this website for the answers to simple question before bothering anyone else. Will pop out this afternoon and do precisely this. :)
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    Vevor extractors again!!

    It's unbadged
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    Vevor extractors again!!

    Well, well. I've got one of these. Bought it last year. It's big. It's clunky and it's crude but it spins and extracts honey. I've only got a couple of hives tbf but a powered extractor makes everything so much easier. Never crossed my mind that I could use it to extract four radially. What a...
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    Polystyrene v Cedar

    In my garden, next to my Abelo poly hives, is my hot composter. It's made of expanded polypropylene. The walls are slightly thicker than the hives of course, but the temperature inside is 50 degrees C, and will be throughout winter, driven entirely by the heat produced by decomposition. Next to...
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    Let's share our garden setups

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    Abelo 12 frame hive issue

    Hello Eric. You are right. The one issue I have with the 12 frame, and you have seen it first hand, is the number of bees that are unavoidably killed. The heavier the boxes, the harder it is to avoid. Drives me nuts. If there is a way to mitigate I'd really like to know how! I bought them...
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    Just for information, I have made marmalade for years using Nigel Slater's orange, lemon and ginger recipe, gorgeous but it's a faff. However, after I melted my assorted cappings etc in a double boiler to recover the wax, I was left with about 5lb of 'honey..ish' liquid beneath the recovered wax...
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    Beekeeping and school visits

    DBS checks only required if you are going to be alone with children. If they are accompanied it's not an issue
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    The law and bee keeping , the use of agricultural land for bees

    Such decisions are in practice often delegated to the officers
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    Best honey warmer £102 Screwfix Is that a deal?
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    Soft Set Consistency

    Brilliant! Fortunately, I still have about 8kg of liquid honey un-jarred in a honey bucket. I now know what I'm going to do with that
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    Honey Jar Labels ???

    Having spent a couple of days properly engaging with the design software and the actually very extensive range of label shapes and sizes available (I had no idea) - and printed off a label that looks exactly as I wanted it to look and that fits well on the jar, I withdraw any negative comments I...
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    Honey Jar Labels ???

    Really? How do you do that? I bought one after reading the Apiarist's article (without doing my homework!) and the 2 x standard label sizes just don't look enough. And if you look at David's jars the labels are actually quite small on the jar. I'm only just starting with it, but it looks really...