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    Bees For Sale Nucs for sale x 2 Wiltshire

    Just wondering how you got on this season? Bees do well?
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    Bees For Sale Nucs for sale x 2 Wiltshire

    Yes I do, 5 frame and six frame - post code is Sn83hn
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    Bees For Sale Nucs for sale x 2 Wiltshire

    I have 2 6 frame overwintered Nucs for sale. Both Nucs are in Maisemore poly nucs and will include feeder. £200 each Bees are from splits made last year when I went from 2 colonies to 14 in a single season…too many for my hobby. Parent colony is buckfast queen. Viewing welcome Pick up...
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    Equipment For Sale Clear Polycarbonate Crownboards

    Happy to still take 10…as long as bees can be seen through scratches…it’s for winter - just need to see the food
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    Struggling here, any help appreciated.

    I don’t have the answer however I picked up a 5 frame nuc on 1st may - 5 frames. Split in July due to swarm indications. Now have 2 thriving hives, took a honey super off each of capped honey in the last month …and hives still have 3 supers on each…loads of bees and struggling to shrink them...
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    Scent of hawthorn

    Interested about your comment - bees could barely be bothered to flap their wings…is this cos they are hungry? I have a fair amount of stores in the super but bees were very quiet on inspection this weekend?