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  1. gmonag

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Is the winter ever severe enough to consider taking the bees indoors?
  2. gmonag

    Identifying the climatic drivers of honey bee disease in England and Wales

    Who do you mean by "they"? The authors are not necessarily beekeepers.
  3. gmonag

    Irresponsible Beekeeping?

    That's a shame, I was hoping you could educate me, but clearly not.
  4. gmonag

    Irresponsible Beekeeping?

    That would be criminal damage
  5. gmonag

    Irresponsible Beekeeping?

    Yes I read his "rant". I'm asking you to explain yours. What inaccuracies? What issues doesn't he understand?
  6. gmonag

    Irresponsible Beekeeping?

    I do not know the chap, but he is clearly experienced (46 years beekeeping). So enlighten us. What should we all understand about the issues involved?
  7. gmonag

    Collecting smoker fuel

    I have a problem with that! My smoker fuel literally falls out of a tree onto my hives.
  8. gmonag

    Goose grass seedlings

    Me too. I fitted a Gator blade to mulch them, which does a very good job. The leaves just disappear after a few passes. I used to rake , bag and dump - far too much work!
  9. gmonag

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Sorted through all my boxes, removed any bad frames, treated the good combs with B401 (I still had some left) and put them into winter storage. Then I rendered the bad comb down with my steam wax-melter. A satisfying day's work.
  10. gmonag

    High mite count

    The pan warms up from below 100C so the water evaporates slowly. If the OA is put in a hot pan it flash boils and spits. Your last statement is untrue.
  11. gmonag


    I just fished out my wellies to see if it was one of the brands discussed here (it wasn't) but found a drawing pin stuck through the sole of one of them. So I guess it will leak next time. :(
  12. gmonag

    Does anyone know what this flower is?

    PlantNet Does not include Fungi, but good most else.
  13. gmonag

    High mite count

    The pan should be cooled in water between applications. This allows time for the water to boil off before sublimation starts and prevent the spitting. It also removes the possibility of overheating the OA and causing decomposition into formic acid.
  14. gmonag

    Faces To Usernames

    The dead give-away is that the undercarriage retracts outboard on a Spitfire and inboard on a Hurricane
  15. gmonag

    dead bees

    ... or they all carry the virus but it does not cause problems in all colonies. David Evans has some thoughts on viruses in the latest BBKA News (Nov 2021).
  16. gmonag

    New publication from RP

    In my experience they only get moderated when the abused party has the temerity to reply in kind, otherwise the antagonist (usually one of the usual suspects ;)) gets away with it.
  17. gmonag

    I'm sorry😁

    Nothing wrong with extracting from frames that have previously contained brood - just don't crush and strain!
  18. gmonag

    Syrup in top feeder

    heft verb lift or carry (something heavy). "he lifted crates and hefted boxes"
  19. gmonag

    I'm sorry😁

    I suspect that in the wild, the bees abandon old comb for a while and allow the wax moth to demolish it, before building new comb. Edit: Ah! Should have read later posts!
  20. gmonag


    So do I. Very tragic and sad day.