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    Don't forget where you've left you smoker...

    My mate did ours, much much flatter, but the bellows are good:hairpull:
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    Solway bees - anyone dealt with them?

    To follow from my previous post after emailing I was told they were working on my order and a week later it arrived. However the cedar was soaking wet and weighed a ton, when I tried to put the brood box together the swollen joints did not want to fit. So to be fair I have left the whole lot to...
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    Solway bees - anyone dealt with them?

    I ordered 2 complete English Cedar hives 3 weeks ago, emailed last week to find out where they had got to and reply said that they were working on them now! That was a week ago, might be cheaper than main suppliers but I would have had them by now. Now totally out of equipment, last weeks swarm...