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    Overwintering Brood and Half

    Hi all, I put this up as a reply goonerwin but I thought it may be better as a new post. I have a brood and a half from a cast earlier in the year and wondering about closing down to just a B. The super has 7 frames of stores, and 1 more in the process of comb being drawn. The question I have...
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    movement of hive during winter

    Yesterday both my good lady and myself were stung! The girls seemed really aggresive which at the moment is a rarity. Maybe the hive is not in the right position (it's by the greenhouse and close to the washing line) although we haven't had any trouble with them before. It was then that I...
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    Ants in the feeder

    Hello everyone out there, I am a new member and new 'beekeeper'. Live in Ingham Lincoln and as usual intros also bring questions. I have started out with a cast caught 2 weeks ago, recent inspection showed good progress. I have been feeding it 1-1 and I have noticed quite a few ants in the...