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    Hive Jig - No not a new dance, but ...

    I am sure many experienced beekeepers on the forum have various methods to ensure they build their hives square and true. But, this jig was described to me in conversation with a bee farmer and I have found this basic tool to be useful to build square bee hives more easily. See attached drawing...
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    Poly National Hive ...

    I see Modern Beekeeping are showing a new Poly National Hive on their home page. I have gone down the Poly Langstroth route, but an interesting option all the same.
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    Have you had any rain?

    We have not had a proper rain session since July and it is so dry the farmer was watering a field of stubble the other day, just so he could plough it! Last time we have a brief shower was for half an hour in August. The water butts are nearly empty too.
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    New Internationalist Magazine

    The September 2009 edition of the New Internationalist magazine's theme is beekeeping, the title being "Where have all the Bees gone?". Some good articles in there too. See ... http://www.newint.org/issues/current/
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    Poly Langstroth versus Poly National

    I want to expand my apairy next year and I'm considering a poly hive and would like to know what if any the advantages of the poly Langstroth are when compared to a Poly National?
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    Alternative to wasp traps - maybe?

    I have just seen this advertised on the site below and thought it would be great it the apiary. I would not stop using wasp traps, but this would complement them well, if it works. Rather than buy one, I shall try making one first, as it is only looks like a grey coloured cloth bag. I guess...
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    Large Bumble Bees Nest

    I sail a dinghy on a local lake, but have not been down to the sailing club recently, as I am repairing my boat. A committee member 'phoned me to say there was a large nest of bumble bees by one of the dinghies and was causing concern to everyone that had to pass them and the dinghy owner. One...
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    Honey Refractometer

    Does anyone use a honey refractometer, i.e. an optical instrument that measures the water content of honey / nectar? I was thinking of buying one, but was wondering how useful they really are? Thanks.
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    Virgin Queen Bee Recognition

    Three weeks ago I have housed a swarm from my original hive. However, there has been no egg laying to date, but there is drawn comb. As the bees are quite docile, I suspect they do have an unmated queen. The problem is seeing her! Does anyone have any tips for finding a virgin queen bee? I...
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    Irrigation Hoses

    Just a line to say be careful which way your hive entrance is facing if they are near arable land, as at this time of the year farmers need to irrigate their crops. Had a surprise this morning, a field of wheat that is being automatically irrigated came near to my allotment, about 20m away...
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    Drowning in Syrup Feed!!!

    My bees swarmed last week and I collected them off a small tree in my allotment. Quickly put together a new hive I had ready, only had to build some extra new frames. Above the crown board I placed a feeder bucket with four pints of sugar syrup, this was in the ratio of 1lb of sugar to 1 pint of...
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    Smith Hive Crown Board

    If anyone uses a Smith hive and needs a spare crown board, I bought one in error, so it's free to a good home, the crown board is new and unused. You will need to pay the postage, which I shall find out if there is interest.
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    Rose OSB Hive

    I have not been keeping bee very long and I am not that impressed by the National hive system, or any hive that uses two types of frames. I did consider the Topbar hive, but this as the name suggests has only a top bar and no frame at all, the bees just build comb naturally. But, I prefer a hive...