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    Re-introducing old Queen back into hive

    New Queen introduced last week obviously killed. A few wasps are starting to get into the Nuc with the old Queen. I need to re-introduce old Queen back into hive. What’s the best way to do that? Put her into cage? Or put the frame she’s on straight back into hive?
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    Newly introduced Queen killed?

    Put new Queen into hive Tuesday (cage type below). It was only afterwards I realised it is advised the plastic tab (so the bees can’t get at the fondant) be kept on for a day while bees get used to the new Queen. Anyway, I opened the tab when introducting, and the next day the Queen was out of...
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    Bees more agitated in recent weeks

    My bees seem very cranky and agitated lately (last 6 weeks or so), but especially the last couple of weeks. Very agitated last two inspections in particular, and I’ve been chased around the place by the odd bee while doing odd jobs 30/40 yards away. Had to take cover in my shed. Wasp season...
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    New Queen arriving - not sure where to put her

    Due to my hive not showing any signs of Chalk Brood reduction, I have a New mated Queen arriving within the week. Current Queen is laying brilliantly (except for the obvious Chalk Brood problem), and I’m assuming the bees are happy with her, as I’ve not had any Queen Cells all season. My plan...
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    No sign of any Varroa!

    I regularly put my inspection tray in, to check varroa numbers. All year I’ve barely noticed any. Maybe 1 or 2. That’s it. I know the inspection tray is not an exact indication of varroa numbers, but in the last 3-4 weeks, I’ve also done two sugar rolls, and there was none then either. I’ve...
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    Supering and excess space

    I need to Super very soon. Just wondered about the big empty super, and all that space. It’ll be ages before it’s drawn out, and I don’t want to leave huge spaces for the bees to have to heat coming into autumn and the colder days. Any ideas how best to just give them enough room in the new super?
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    Wax Moth advice

    Have never had any problems with them before, but I found one under the hive roof earlier. Just wondered if there’s anything I can do to deter them? Or any signs I should look for, that they’re about to cause/are causing trouble?
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    Unidentified insect/mite on inspection board

    Apologies if this has been brought up before. Have read up on what these could be. Can’t find anything to match. There are a few of these (maybe 5-10) on the inspection board each visit lately. Red/brown in colour. Oval body shape, 8 legs. Maybe 1-2 mm in length. Fast moving. Anyone know...
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    Damp and Plastic Dummy Boards

    Have a plastic dummy board at the back of Lower Brood Box. Noticed at times, it can have condensation on it and at the back of the Brood box itself. Had it at times last season, and changed B Box, wrapped hive etc to see if it would help I’m now wondering is the plastic dummy board causing the...
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    Chalk Brood problem growing

    Queen is laying well, all looking grand. But the amount of chalk brood is growing with each inspection. Now there is quite a lot of it. I thought maybe it was due to the stress in spring, when there’s a low bee to brood ratio. Now I’m not so sure. Is this a Queen thing? Will she need...
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    Slug trails on foundation

    Spotted a slug inside hive the other day, and he had been over the undrawn foundation of two frames, leaving a fair bit of trails. Would they need to be discarded or should I just wipe them down or what would be advised?
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    Are mice a danger to a colony in Spring/Summer?

    Last couple of visits to hive, I’ve noticed what looks to be mouse droppings on the inspection board. There is no sign of disturbance at entrance though (although I have reduced entrance size just to be sure). I was thinking they might be attracted to the debris on the inspection board? Are...
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    Safe beekeeping during Covid-19

    Just reading in another thread about mentoring, and the difficulty of keeping 2m away while inspecting. I haven’t carried out inspection yet, but I do it by myself anyway. However, there might be other issues some of us haven’t considered for our beekeeping. Any tips or advice?
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    Treating wooden hives

    Would wooden (cedar) hives need retreating after a certain time? My brood boxes were treated in 2016 and 2017, and are looking a bit faded. Would they need treating again?
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    Damp in Brood Box

    Double brood hive. Top box being drawn out, numbers gradually increasing. Some damp inside the top box towards the rear though. No big gaps between boxes or crown board for water to get in. Thought it might be due to that area of the brood box not being occupied, as bees are busy on the frames...
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    Shaking bees from frames - question

    When inspecting, some frames are absolutely covered with bees. Huge numbers. So much that I can see nothing else. So I’ve had to shake bees off frames, into the hive to get a better look. My question is - if I shook the bees off a frame, and the Queen was on that frame, would it do her any harm...
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    Sugar Roll method

    So I carried out a sugar roll test on my hive. Total varroa count = None. Surely that’s not normal, is it? I was expecting at least 1 or 2 mites. Any thoughts?
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    Sugar dusting and mite drop

    Normally I go by the daily mite drop to gauge the height of my varroa problem. Not sure what sort of numbers would be considered a problem after sugar dusting. Some notes say to count mites after 1 hour, then 24 hours. But what level of mite drop is too much, and what subsequent treatments...
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    Handy items/equipment to keep in your shed

    Just wondered if there is anything that anyone can recommend to have in your shed, should they ever be needed (other than spare brood boxes/supers etc). I have a mirror. Sometimes I inspect hive on my own, so it’s handy to check beesuit for bees after inspection, before removing suit. Pedal...
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    Do Ants eat Varroa mites?

    Been monitoring varroa drop this last few weeks. My hive is doing really well, lots of eggs, larvae and sealed brood, numbers building up. Normally I’m maybe only seeing 1 varroa at most. Sometimes none. I thought that was surprisingly low The thing is though, there is usually a number of ants...