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    Bako drying out - can I add water?

    I put mine in sealed freezer bags with all air excluded (within reason) and then store it in the freezer. Never had issues with it drying out. However mine is all home made as it's next to impossible to find a source for ready made fondant here in Massachusetts.
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    Squirrels ?

    You obviously haven't used the lead backed up up by gunpowder, it's VERY effective
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    Dead bees

    "Scorch the hive, and clean out the frames, but don't waste them. drawn comb is all you really have left, so don't waste it. " Why do you see some sign of disease? All I see is a bunch of bees that starved and then mould grew on them. Brush the loose ones off. Pick the ones that are head down...
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    no smoke without fire!

    Be a good day to visit the hive/s. No need for you to light your smoker.
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    What hives are these?

    Looks like Langstroth deep brood boxes with medium supers above the queen excluders with an usual peaked roof.
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    Honey Jar steralisation

    The simple way is to go and buy a jar of creamed honey and then mix it at a roughly 1:10 ratio with your liquid honey, i.e. 1 lb of creamed honey to 10 lb of liquid honey and then let it set in a cool environment, around 55-60f is good, like a basement. If you have more liquid honey you now...
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    How many frames of brood is 'normal' at this time of year?

    Never heard the term seam either but I too have a couple of hives that are on 18 frames of brood. What do you do at that point? We're still in the middle off the longest, coolest, wettest spring I've ever seen in in New England, was very used to them in childhood in the UK! Apple, pear peaches...
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    very cheap buckets

    Bet you meant Aitkens Rowies didn't you?
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    Who killed the Honey Bee - BBC4

    Sad, not available in my area.
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    Beekeepers year

    Much easier to use the same measure for both. 1 gallon of sugar to 1 gallon of water 1 litre of sugar to one litre of water etc for 1:1 2 gallon of sugar to 1 gallon of water etc for 2:1 The values are close enough that it saves messing around with scales and stuff. I just use a couple of the...
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    pine hives

    Guess it's a difference in culture or maybe climate. Never seen anything other than pine hives in North America. Typical life appears to be 10+ years depending on how often you re-paint.
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    Wintering bees, how many dead?

    A cheap stethoscope from fleabay makes listening for life in the hive much easier.
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    Wintering bees, how many dead?

    Hook end of a hive tool does it quite well.
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    Feeding in Winter

    The issue is that below a certain temperature the bees cannot evaporate the excess water out of the syrup so as to convert it into "honey", yes I know it's not real honey. That certain temperature was passed long ago from the pictures of your weather. After that point they will expend more...
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    Any recommendations for a new smoker?

    Why not just buy from the Dadant site? The $36 price there would appear to allow you around $40 shipping, highly unlikely, before you exceed the £50 you're being ripped off for over there, unless your'e paying 100% VAT.
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    How to process wax bits

    I use a soft curd cheese draining bag, normally available from any cheesemaking hobbyist store. Made of nylon so will handle some squeezing to get most of the honey out. Hang and let drip for 24 hours or so then squeeze. Remove the residual wax and treat with water as per many of the other...
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    Cloudy honey

    Is raw honey not cloudy in the UK? The filter you used appears to be the standard filter used in the US for small time production of raw honey - 400 and 600 micron filters. The filter will remove all pieces such as wax, legs etc. It will not remove all the pollen that you would expect to find...
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    Bees not taking syrup feed at all

    You say 2:1 syrup. Two to one of what? Guess we in the US are unusual 2:1 means 2 of sugar to one of water. Being lazy most people work on the principal of volume so 2 gallons/litres/pints/quarts whatever of sugar to 1 measure of the same size of water is your 2:1 mixture. My Miller feeders...
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    New species of Bees?

    Sound like bees with damaged wings/wing muscles. You might want to rethink the varroa treatment as mites could be what is causing this.
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    Laying worker update

    Dlq ??