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    Dark Honey, smells unusual ! What is it?

    I have just removed some very dark, fusty smelling (a bit like pee/socks)honey, unusual anyway. Tastes lovely, just wondering what it might come from. Edge of town setting with a range of trees around me from lime to walnut and horse chestnut. Lots of gardens and parkland Thanks Mark
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    Nuc wanted for 2018

    Hi All, I am looking for a nuc or full colony in the Northants (roughly) area. Many Thanks Macow
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    Honey Liquefier

    Hi Folks, I have a request for you all. I am thinking about buying a Swienty Dana api therma melter, the pedistal type. So...., Does anyone have any experience of these types of melter ? Are they any good (using in 5 gallon buckets) ? Will it work on our electricity supply (...
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    Northants Nucs

    Hi I have some nucs for sale if anyone is intrested. They are £140 for a six frame National nuc(not including the nuc box), They are very strong and will need rehoming fairly soon, I will either sell them or re-hive in the next week or two. There are two types of queen, a carnolian type or a...
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    Hi Folks, I have had an offer of putting my bees on clover. The clover is a mix of red and white but mainly red. Is this any use? Regards Mark
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    Hi , Does anyone know if linseed is a good nectar crop to put the bees on? Regards Mark
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    Nucs for sale Northants

    Hi I have some nucs for sale if anyone is intrested. They are £140 for a six frame National nuc(not including the nuc box), very strong and need putting in a full hive asap. I will either sell them or re-hive in the next week or two. There are two types of queen, a carnolian type or a...
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    Apidea mating nuc

    Hi All, Thought i would get ahead today so unwrapped the Apidea mating nucs only to find no instructions!! Please, Please would anyone have some instructions (electronic) or point me towards some? I have googled it but with no luck. Thanks Mark
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    Apidia mateing nuc

    Hi All, Thought if would get ahead today so unwrapped the Apidea Sorry Admin this was submitted before i had finished - Clumsy fingers!
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    Absence during swarming season

    Hi Everyone, Unfortunately I have to go away for 7 days sometime around May/June (not optional), obviously not the best time to be absent. A thought that I had, as a somewhat belt and braces approach. Was what if I placed a Q/excluder under the brood box for this amount of...
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    Nuc Plans

    Hi All, I am thinking of raising some nucs in the comming year but would like to build my own. Does anyone know where i can get hold of some plans for doing this? 5 Frame National is what i am trying to build. Cheers Mark
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    What Temp to use Oxalic

    Hi All, I have been delaying the oxlaic Acid treatment due to the cold weather. Today it is 2c and sunny. Is this still too low to treat? If so what do you think the optimum temp should be? Thanks Mark
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    Winter Reading

    Hi everyone, I have been keeping bees for a couple of years now and it has been a steep learning curve. However next year i would like to attempt to breed some colonies and raise queens. Can anyone recommend any literature to be reading over the winter or any other direction...
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    New Zealand Bees

    Hi, I have the chance of getting hold of a colony of New Zealand bees and have heard both good and bad about them. I would be grateful to hear about any experience of this type of bee. Currently i have only kept the dark British (i know) bees. What do you think? Is it worth going for? Any...
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    Making increase?

    Hi, I have been given advice that i am not sure about and would appreciate any advice as i will have to do somethig very soon. Ok, having done an inspection yesterday i found what i belived to be several queen cups and a partially formed queen cell with pupa. The hive is on brood and a half...
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    Help Nuc Wanted

    Hi Folks, I would really appreciate if anyone would have a national nuc for sale in the Northants,Beds,Bucks,Cambs,Lincs or Leics areas. Lost one of my two over winter (queen loss) and would like to expand a bit faster than the one hive will allow for. Would also like to get some...
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    Entrance blocks and mouse guards

    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a question. At this time of year would you reccomend that you have a reduced entrance and mouse guard. A wide entrance and mouseguard. Reduced entrance no MG or wide entrance and no MG. And when would you remove the MG? Lots written on when to put it...
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    Double Brood Boxes?

    Hi, See once you start posting you just cant stop! The other question that has been perplexing me is whether or not raising colonies in double BB,s really helps their chances of overwintering. A fair amount is written on the pro's and cons of this but i would be very interested to hear...
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    Feeding fondant and Queen excluders

    Hi all, I'm a complete beginner and have just started last year. I have two hives both nationals and so far so good. I tend to mainly "lurk"! but am happy to join in when I feel I know a bit more or have something positive to add. I would just like to say that I enjoy the forum which...