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    Beginners course, Wells, Somerset

    Two day Beginners theory course in the centre of Wells, Somerset. Dates: Saturday 17th and 24th January 2015 Cost: £95.00 to include good basic book. Places limited. Excellent Christmas present! Practical follow up will be run in the Spring. More details, please pm me. Meg
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    CNC files or CAD drawings

    Does anyone have National hive plans as CNC files or even CAD drawings? My partner has access to a machine that can use these files which would be great to get a bit of extra equipment cut. Apologies if this has been asked before, but a search didn't turn anything up for CNC, just software...
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    Highest protein content of pollen

    Anyone know anything about which pollen has what in terms of protein levels? I am preparing a talk and could do with knowing something about pollen types and how good they are for bees. Any research anyone can point me in the direction of? Thanks in advance. Meg
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    Plastic frame feeders

    Evening all, Has anyone found any problems with bees drowning in the plastic frame feeders? I have heard one or two reports of this and wondered what the consensus was. Do you sand paper down the inside for a better grip? Also, do you provide a bigger, wooden float? (Some are wood already I...
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    2 day Beginners course, Wells

    This course is for complete beginners or those who have just started and feel they have not enough knowledge to carry on keeping their bees with confidence. Tutor: Megan Seymour Venue: The Meeting room, Wells museum. Dates: 2 consecutive Saturdays, the 21st and 28th January 2012. Time: From...
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    Wanted stainless bottling tank

    Hi all, I am after a decent stainless stell settling/bottling tank with a decent metal tap which gives a good cut off - no drips! Does anyone have a spare to sell or any suggestions on the best place to go to? I only need a 60lb one otherwise I won't have a hope in hell of lifting it onto the...
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    5 frame National nucs, Somerset

    Hi all, I have several 5 frame National nucs ready now. This years home grown queens (Mothers ex Buckfast) openmated and nuc with their own brood. Location: Wells, Somerset but could deliver within reason and agreement! Cost £120 Please reply here or call me on 01749 677628. Thank you, Meg