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    Chalk brood & remaining honey

    Last autumn one hive was suffering from chalk brood but a friend said leave hive alone & bees will sort it out. So took his advice & closed them for winter. This spring on opening found that all bees had perished because of damp, poor ventilation - my fault no doubt. Sadly the brood box is...
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    Rhododendron bushes

    Just read that Rhododendron flowers are highly toxic. Mine are covered with happy? bumble bees at the moment but no honey bees. What do people think. Someone suggested that the toxins degrade with age & honey will be safe later in the year when bees will consume it. Lots of Rhododendron bushes...
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    A friend has given me some Hyperox to disinfect my wooden hives. Do I need to dilute this liquid or is it ready to use? Two hives have died with Nosema. Large quantity of honey still remaining. Will Hyperox remove/kill all remaining nosema spores? Will the honey be safe afterwards for bees...
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    Dysentry in bees

    I've been feeding bees Ambrosia since the weather is still cold & windy. Yesterday I noticed lots of bloody fecal smears around the entrance. Is this dysentry? Is it fatal to the entire hive? Is there anything I can do? Some are flying but I expect they will all get infected. Never had this...
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    Bubble wrap for insulation??

    My 3 plywood hives are on a very exposed site, catching a lot of wind & rain. They all have mesh floors which allows good circulation but also damp & cold. I thought of wrapping the exteriors in bubble-wrap as extra insulation. Is that daft? Would it cause mildew/condensation? Last year 2 hives...
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    Straight Line damage in drawn wax

    Hi, What is the insect eating/cutting long diagonal lines into newly drawn foundation? Right now I'm doing Apiguard treatment on 3 hives but noticed this damage on one only. Can I leave the bees to deal with it? If not what should I do? Thanks.