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    Swarming conundrum

    I was given a swarm back in May this year, and it has since built up really well on a brood and a half. I even got about 13 jars of honey from them. I opened the hive yesterday to feed them some more sugar syrup, and was really surprised at how many bees there are. Even before I opened the...
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    How to warm honey?

    Although I've been keeping bees for about 2 years, this season is my first for actually getting some honey out. I extracted in early September, then filtered using a coarse kitchen sieve. And the result was 13 jars' worth of honey. I'd now like to filter again using finer sieves, and muslin. As...
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    My swarmed colony keeps creating Queen cells

    My colony swarmed on Thursday 10th May, and fortunately I was able to collect it, and put it into a new brood box, with new frames (undrawn foundation) on the original site. On Friday 18th May, just 8 days later, it appears that they tried to swarm again (I was at work, but my neighbours said...