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    Varrox question

    I'm a recent purchaser of a Varrox sublimator. This winter I had hives that were nadired. My hives are top bee space, so the bottom of the frames in the nadirs are level with the bottom of the box. I treated using the Varrox with a heating time of 3'45" to sublimate 2g of OA. (I have dadant...
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    Flupyradifurone : second bee-toxic neonicotinoid authorized by DG Sante in 3 months Bit shocked to see this. Not recent but have not seen any comment on here about this. Sorry if I've missed it...
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    Mother and daughter doing well

    End of last Aug in one of my hives I spotted classic supercedure cells so taking time of year into account left them to get on with it. Both mother and daughter were seen laying end of Sept, and I was surprised to see they are both still doing well together over the last weekend. I guess it...
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    Wiring of a Burco water heater element

    Any handy electrician or burco owners out there please. (There aren't many Burco dealers here in this part of France and my electrical skills are somewhat limited. I bought a second hand Burco off Ebay and to no real surprise the element lasted 5 minutes and then melted the plastic terminal...
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    Anyone know their moths?

    Nearly stepped on this on the way home last night. Anyone know what type of moth it is? I estmate the wingspan at 12cm when compared to my size 81/2 shoe next to it.
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    Beefing up a weak collony

    Ok I picked up a fairly late swarm the tail end of July last year. (It was not a prime swarm as it was the 2nd half of a swarm that left a hole in a tree one afternoon and split into 2 swarms. I was too late arriving to get both halfs and saw the first half fly off into the blue yonder.) The...
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    Wax moth/mice and polyhives

    A question for polyhive owners. I have a few poly mating nucs. I have noted that the wax moth larvae bore straight into the poly nucs before pupating, resulting in a bad case of apparent woodworm in the poly. This is during period when bees not in nucs. Also the mice seem to enjoy chewing at the...
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    Enhancement of Miller method, notching

    I stubbled across this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIYz65Vquxg Mention is made of "Notching", (its explained at about 54mins 30 into the clip if you haven't got the patience to watch it all) It sounds an interesting non-grafting method. Has anyone ever tried it and is it as...
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    I seem to be sticken this year by a plague of mice. No problem in the hives as they all have their guards fitted, but in the bee shed and the house they are a real nightmare. They seem to be set on doing the most damage for least food reward possible. They have attacked the bellows of the smoker...
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    Drone with pink eyes

    Completed my first inspection for 4 weeks yesterday, the cold continues but the worry of possible swarm was too great to resist inspection any longer. In one of my hives I noticed 1 fully developed and emerged drone wandering around the comb who had pink eyes not the usual black. Is this likely...
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    Problem of 2 phases in my stored honey.

    This year I harvested my OSR honey in 2 batches. The first lot as soon as the first supers were capped the second at the end of the OSR flowering. The first batch I creamed in the classic way and it has stored so far with no problem at all. The water content was just over 17%. The second batch...
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    Propolis extract labelling

    Does anyone know if there are labelling requirements for propolis 30% w/v extract in 70% ethanol? Is it much as honey or are there various hazard warnings that need to be included too?
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    Thymol Varroa treatment, heightened aggresion from bees

    I've not tried thymol for varroa tratment (disolved in veg oil applied on pads per Hivemakers's recipe in earlier thread) before, but put my pads on yesterday and was expecting there to be a reaction from the bees to get a bit of clustering outside the hive, which occured, but I was not...
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    Deaths at Pink eye stage

    During my health inspection yesterday of my hives I found 2 where pupae have been uncapped at pink eye stage. I have been feeding since 24/7 ( yesterday was their 3rd batch of 1.5l syrup per hive) as the nectar flows have been very poor since the OSR finished. So they are now not short of...