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  1. J

    Feed hole. To cover or not?

    Hi RAB, A lot of interesting information, thanks. I have been keeping Bees since 1988, quite a while :-) Started using open mesh floors when the Mite arrived here in Llanelli, South Wales some 15 years ago. The colonies have always survived the harshest Winters and I have observed that some...
  2. J


    Propolis is a very powerful natural antibiotic - Speaking from experience, a few drops of Propolis Tincture (Local Health food store) on mouth ulcers and sore throats will have a very beneficial effect within hours. To make your own, 'normal' 40/50% proof Vodka will not dissolve it completely...
  3. J

    Feed hole. To cover or not?

    Thought I would add my bit - :-) I keep the feed hole closed all of the time except for feeding. A sheet of insulating material stays in place above the cover board, during Summer and Winter. In Summer, to draw the bees up into Supers and to trap warm air during the Winter. Because of mesh...
  4. J

    Newly hatched queens.... feeding

    Dorset Bee, I second that! I deliberately uncapped a Queen cell yesterday and the Queen on emerging immediately drank her fill of nectar from a nearby cell! An amazing sight to see and like always at times like this, I didn't have a video camera to hand :0(
  5. J

    Oxalic use winter 2011/12

    Agreed - We don't need the EU! We were never given a vote to join the Common Market because the Government knows better. NOT! :-(
  6. J

    BBKA not listening anymore?

    The BBKA should be setting an example by not associating with any companies manufacturing Pesticides/Insecticides. Period! Short term financial gain should have come at the very bottom of priorities especially when dealing with companies manufacturing pesticides. Not setting a very good...
  7. J

    Oxalic use winter 2011/12

    Likewise, I don't use Oxalic Acid. I make up my homemade Anti-Varroa treatment, applied both in the Autumn and Spring. Its made from organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, a little Fondant plus a few drops of tree oil, and of course Thymol granules. Mixed to the consistency of soft butter, the mixture is...
  8. J

    BBKA not listening anymore?

    Non response by BBKA for over 24 hours to many comments and questions! Today 2nd March on the BBKA Facebook page It's shocking that such a huge well known association is completely ignoring comments by other beekeepers and members of the public. The questions and comments revolve around the...
  9. J

    research into the antimicrobial properties of UK honey...

    Thanks R2 for finding out and publishing the correct email address. Its a long time to wait for the next edition of Beecraft! Regards Jeff
  10. J

    Comment by 'jeffdavies' in media 'P8010025'

    A great opportunity to kill any Queen Wasps! Get them before they go into your boxes and kill your bees. A few years back, I had an infestation of Hornets which in a frenzied attack, wiped out 3 colonies in 2 days, despite being squashed by me as they entered and left the Hives! I don' like...