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    What are my bees doing?

    Hi, Got some strange behaviour outside one of my hives. Please see short video: - http://vimeo.com/101609469 I'm specifically confused by those bees "rocking" backwards and forwards. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Mick
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    Cluster under the hive

    Hi, I've got an odd problem / situation where I've got (my) bees clustering under my hive. The are clinging to the underside of the mesh floor. They have done this now for a month or more. I stopped it at one point by putting the varroa board in so there was no room to cluster but took it back...
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    Timeout problems

    Hi, I'm new to this forum only joining a couple of days ago. However I keep getting timeout problems and if this continues I'll not both anymore. This has happened for the last 2 - 3 days, on different computers, with different browsers. This problem means that this forum is unusable for me...