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    Drones in a bait hive.

    So, the bait hive outside my front door attracted a swarm on monday morning which I moved into my apiary a mile or so away in the evening. Yesterday evening I took up the rest of the stragglers who were still knocking around the bait hive. Most of today, there's been only a couple of bees...
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    How long can I leave a hive shut up?

    Hi, One of my hives with 2 supers appears to be being robbed as does a new 3 frame poly nuc that has just (this morning) had a new travelled queen introduced to it. This evening ( possibly later than ideal, I didn't recognise what I was seeing initially) I finally shut both entrances with 3mm...
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    failed unite - more aggro

    So, the background. I want to combine a nuc with another small hive and last Friday moved them into a brood box in preparation but while picking up the queen to kill her, managed to knock her off the frame (or so I thought as I thought I'd seen her fall from the frame and couldn't see her on any...
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    miller/ashforth feeders

    Can anyone tell me the spacing between the baffles (or whatever you call the two/four vertical pieces of wood that dam the syrup in a miller/ashforth feeder. From Dave Cushman's site they look like they're further apart than a beespace as he has the slot 12mm and they appear to be at least that...
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    failed unite

    Unfortunately, I was very much at home to mr cock-up today. My plan had been do all the prep for a unite of a nuc with a small but healthy full hive. Step one, find and dispatch the queen in the nuc. Somehow, as I was going to pick her up I managed to knock her and she rolled down the frame. I'm...
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    Polycarbonate feeder base

    Hi, I have to hand some 5mm Polycarbonate and I'm planning on making a couple of ashforth feeders before the end of the season. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use a sheet of polycarbonate , suitably mastic-ed, as the base for a feeder? Thanks, Pat.
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    re-introducing a brood frame

    Hi, Hopefully my bought-in queen is currently settling herself in the nuc she's been introduced to and in a couple of weeks time I'll re-combine the nuc with the original parent hive. When I do the recombine, I'm currently planning on moving the old queen out on her current brood frame into...
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    Dead bees

    OK, this was a bit weird. On opening up a hive which we haven't inspected in 3 weeks (and that time we saw no queen, but did see some sealed brood) the rapid feeder (the rectangular white plastic kind) was full of dead bees, probably around a couple of hundred or so. The feeder was completely...
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    Is this an emergency queen cell?

    Ok, so the background is that this hive contains a swarm that was presumed to be the prime swarm from a friend's hive and was housed 16 days ago along with a couple of frames from our other hive (which may have contained brood). Inspecting it today there appears to be no queen and no brood or...
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    Should I be worried?

    Ok, today was the first real inspection since last autumn and our first overwintered hive, so we weren't really sure what to expect. The bees looked happy enough even though there doesn't seem to be much brood, maybe the queen hasn't ade it through the winter in as good a shape as the hive as a...