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    Neonicotinoids reduce drones sperm count

    sola dosis facit venenum I try and follow Paracelsu's advice
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    Neonicotinoids reduce drones sperm count

    As little as possible and using carefully selected rotten wood. I take your point, but I find smoke essential, so I try to make it as "clean" as possible. AFAIK the debate has been about minute quantities of highly active compounds rather than the products of pyrolysis.
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    Neonicotinoids reduce drones sperm count

    [I]Quote: Substances beekeepers put into their hives to control varroa can also have a big impact on drone sperm, thymol, Apistan, ect. And formic acid can also cause drones to be dry and infertile.[/I] I already try not to put any foreign chemicals near the bees in the spring and early...
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    Neonicotinoids reduce drones sperm count

    This is a new one on me. http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/283/1835/20160506 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/27/leading-insecticide-cuts-bee-sperm-by-almost-40-per-cent-study-shows Apologies if I have missed a thread on it
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    Smoke Candle things

    I would be very careful Permethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid - that means it was designed to overcome the rapid breakdown of naural pyrethrums. It is sold as a woodworm treatment and I have a feeling that on dry surfaces away from direct sunlight it will persist for months, if not years...
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    Label software.

    I use DTP software I use a mac and was recommended to try The Print Shop https://www.mackiev.com/printshop3/features/whatsnew.html Apart from anything else they offer standard templates to fit the common label sizes
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    How does varroa know the difference between a drone cell and worker cell.

    The Varroa intercepts the "cap me" chemical message from the larvae and can distinguish between drone and worker larvae pheremones I am sure you are right. It is a fairly well known phenomena and the chemical allowing the "eavesdropping" effect is called a kairomone...
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    Asian hornets in the UK. A chance of stopping them?

    I was confused by Mazzamazda's comment to Changmai "Yes, that is exactly the problem with using the poison neat, hornet dies too early and doesnt pass on the poison before it dies." On rereading, I think that he was recommending his "custard" formulation!
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    Asian hornets in the UK. A chance of stopping them?

    Hi Millet, As you say, works a treat on wasps nest - but you have to find them and then get close in to dust the opening. Baiting is a better idea when you cannot find the nest or where it is just too damm difficult to get to. I know Bendiocarb is a very popular pest control product, but I...
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    Asian hornets in the UK. A chance of stopping them?

    Hi Karol, When we were testing the baiting method our main problem was getting a bait that was sufficiently attractive for the ants to take back to the nest. Mazzamethod's technique solves that problem. But I take your point that methomyl is not as quick as people want. Sounds like we are...
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    Asian hornets in the UK. A chance of stopping them?

    Hi Karol, I have not "missed the point" I am simply proposing the standard bait method of control used worldwide for killing wasp and ant colonies - to be frank I am surprised that you appear to be unaware of it. If the foraging hornets are collecting protein they are still feeding larvae -...
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    Asian hornets in the UK. A chance of stopping them?

    Why not just use the Insect Grow Regulator? Frontline is a mix of Fipronil (to kill adults) and Methoprene (to kill larvae). As I understand it your strategy is to use foraging adults to carry poison back to the nest to poison it - but that the Fipronil is killing them too soon. Why not just...
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    I agree that Marigolds are a very good compromise between protection and being able to feel what you are doing. I make sure that I wash them after use and they do not seem to retain sting pheromone. I did try some blue food hygiene ones but the colour seemed to attract bees a lot more than...
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    What's the truth around neonics?

    Yes, I have read similar. 6% uptake is probably much more than you would get from a spray and the rest of the active ingredient is hopefully deep in the soil where breakdown can get underway. I do think the point is that the breakdown of the neonics can be very variable depending on moisture...
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    Is it safe to drink the water?

    I worry more about the Lead Have you come across the theory that it is the lead in the water that accounts for the characteristic behaviour of Glaswegians? Their water comes from the Highlands - mildly acidic from all the humic acid in the peat - and then it gets put through one of the oldest...
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    What's the truth around neonics?

    Seed dressings are supposed to be a bit more targeted You are right. Maybe I am getting old, but there do not seem to be as many flies dying on my windscreen nowadays. But, the basic idea of seed dressings is that the active ingredient is not scattered promiscuously round the environment...
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    River pollution .... Agricultural Insecticide Chlorpyrifos

    If it is an OP it should hydrolyse fairly fast Chlorpyriphos breaks down fairly rapidly with a half life of between a month and a fortnight depending on water alkalinity. http://www.chlorpyrifos.com/wildlife-and-environment/environmental-behavior/fate-in-water.htm Or as the OP pointed out the...
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    Novice - Varroa Treatment during honey flow ?

    Amitraz should work You could consider using a specific acaricide. Amitraz has a zero withdrawal period, so should be relatively "safe" to humans and IMHO is probably safer to the queen than formic acid. It has various EU licenses, so should be obtainable through a veterinarian.
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    Wax moth - god did have a reason:)

    Just seen this in the Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/04/24/plastic-eating-wax-worm-extremely-exciting-global-pollution/ All we have to do now is work out how to get the moths to the bags!
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    What's the truth around neonics?

    Looks like the EU Neonic report has been "delayed" This was in the Times, hope the paywall lets you view it. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/europe-s-age-of-unreason-harms-its-wildlife-jxn5dzhgv It would appear that reverting to pyrethroids has led to increased usage - and that the pests...