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    Late rape honey extraction

    Due to leaving new queens to get going, work, social life and weather I haven't been able to keep on top of things. Just managed to check supers in readiness for extraction and some are starting to set in the frames. How well do they spin out? I am aiming to do it on tues/wed as it is supposed...
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    Feeding on laurel hedge?

    A neighbour reported masses of bees on their laurel ( prunus laurocerasus ) hedge. Thinking there might be a swarm inside as it isn't in flower I went to look. Due to it being cooler today there are not so many bees flying but I noticed a few honeybees feeding on the back rib of the young...
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    Enticing a swarm

    Hi folks, had a swarm this afternoon, landed on a chicken wire fence nice and handy so I suspended a brood box with frames in over the one side. You would think it would be obvious what they should do but they are just staying clustered and not going up into the box. Can't shake them off as they...