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    Rose Hive Method

    Hello HM Honey, I kept my bees using Rose hives for five years, with good results. You may find it useful to use 11 frames and a follower board, as I found due to tolerances, 12 frames were sometimes a bit too tight, although most of the time I did manage to use 12 frames. Using National...
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    Cq cq cq

    I have held a class A license since 1978. Started out with an old HRO, with lots of plugin band selection coils, some with bandspread, my HF transmitter was a Heathkit DX60B, with 6146B output stage, homebrew VFO based around a dual gate MOSFET. My favorite mode is CW, but must try Peter...
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    Hive Jig - No not a new dance, but ...

    :D I found that comment amusing RAB. As I said in my second post make sure the drawing meets your requirements if you intend to build. I am not very good at woodwork, so probably found the jig to be more useful than some others that are better than me and I think you have a good point, a jig is...
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    Hive Jig - No not a new dance, but ...

    No you are not dampening my post at all. I had exactly the same thoughts when the jig was described to me. But, I thought I would have a go at building one and personally have found it useful, hence my posting. But, as you say it is no replacement for a square or measuring the diagonals of...
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    Which Poly hive

    I have poly Langstroth hives and have gone for a one size box approach using just Langstroth medium boxes, which take Dadant shallow frames. This is fine for me, but does will it more interesting, when making up NUCs as they are non standard, The advantage is a frame can be moved any where...
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    Be careful what you wish for!

    Well done, always good fun collecting a swarm successfully :cheers2:
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    Bees Drowning With Internal Feeder

    As I am sure you are aware bees cannot swim, well not for long. Is there a wooden float on top of the syrup? It sounds to me like the floats are missing. I have not to date, used this type of feeder, but normally I think there should be a float inside.
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    Sorry folks. Another swarm has arrived....LOL

    Congratulations :) Looks to be a good sized swarm, lets us know if they stay in the Nuc box.
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    Hive Jig - No not a new dance, but ...

    Oh, just one caveat: this method works for me, but please be sure the above Hive Jig drawing meets your requirements if you intend to build this jig. Good luck!
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    Hive Jig - No not a new dance, but ...

    I am sure many experienced beekeepers on the forum have various methods to ensure they build their hives square and true. But, this jig was described to me in conversation with a bee farmer and I have found this basic tool to be useful to build square bee hives more easily. See attached drawing...
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    designing out varroa

    I can see a few points I do not like, as follows: a) First the colony like to have drones about in Spring and Summer, significantly less drones will probably result in a less than happy hive. b) The one way entrance is probably going to become blocked by drones, when leaving the hive. c)...
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    Positioning for a new hive

    I fully agree with Skyhook. Also, consider security, the more awkward it is to see the hive from a distance the better IMO.
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    Which Queen cell to keep?

    I did much the same thing last year, after a swarm I took the excess number of capped queens cells and placed them in a tub along with brace comb, with the intent of disposing them when I arrived home, but left the tub in the garage. Needed to check another hive the next day that had laying...
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    Out Apiary Rent

    Although the farmers where I have my out apairys do not expect any payment, I give two jars of honey to each. The idea of a bottle wine Tim, is good, next time I make some mead from surplus honey, I may well offer them some as well.
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    Name of flower please

    I agree with RoofTops and it is a Spring Iris.
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    Top Bar Hive Roof Construction ideas

    The roof covering is heavy duty self adhesive flat roofing felt, that I bought from our local recycling centre, Note the top bar in the apex of the roof, also acts as a pair of end handles to help lift the roof of the hive body.
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    seed packet shuffling

    Hi Pete, I buy my garlic from a farm on the Isle of Wight, you may have heard of Wight Garlic, but they sell quite a number of varieties. I have been planting bare root fruit bushes, gooseberry, raspberry and white-currant, already have some black-currant. Next seed to buy is a few Kg of white...
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    You could also try a 50:50 mix of the ATTA flour with the strong brown bread flour, if you are experimenting. It may give you some of the characteristics you already enjoy.
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    Drones Still?

    I saw two drones ejected yesterday from one of my hives. One experienced beekeeper told me that sometimes drones are keep over Winter, or well in to late Autumn, if there is a virgin queen in the hive. After all the drones may well be from other hives in the area, so there would not be so much...
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    Managing Poly Hives

    Your hives look great GingerNut. Did you use butt joints, when constructing the poly hive? I have used a similar sheet that is 75mm thick for roof insulation on my Rose hives. The board I am using for insulation is not as dense as the polystyrene used on my poly Langstroths, but then again it...