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  1. Carl

    Buzz of excitement over UK’s first bee therapy retreat

    Well, a fool and their money are easily parted. And if you find a business that attracts fools then brilliant.
  2. Carl

    bees wax uses medical and balms

    Blimey! Excellent write up thank you, i can attest to the furniture polish and shoe polish. My addition to the list for thos that shoot black powder firearms is for the fouling lube to use 50 / 50 pure beeswax and olive oil. Throw equal quantities in a bowl and melt them up in the microwave...
  3. Carl

    securing brood and honey supers must be around St Davids, the only trees round there grow in hollows. Hives on stands on concrete slabs strapped down to eyebolts always works.
  4. Carl

    Hello from Illinois!

    Hello from France.
  5. Carl

    Warre style Dadant roof.

    Interesting thoughts. I can not say i agree that the tin roof is better in any respect. the Warre roof provides both heat dissipation from the direct sun with the air gap under the sloping eaves and a solid board top on top of a quilt which assist with temperature regulation in summer and...
  6. Carl

    Warre style Dadant roof.

    A better view of the roof.
  7. Carl

    Warre style Dadant roof.

    Hello all, We recently populated a Dadant with a nuc and all is going very well. This style hive is new to me as we previously ran Warre and Top bars. With those in mind i have replaced the Dadant roof as i really dislike the idea of a tin roof especially as we had temperatures at over 40...
  8. Carl

    Hello from France

    Welcome from the Hautes Pyrénées. I am also keenly watching my bees as this is our first year with a swarm and a nuc into the Dadant. The rainy days are petering out now and we are up to 25 degrees and clear skies. Bees are great just to sit and watch with a cup of tea.
  9. Carl

    Hello from Southern France.

    Cheers Richard, i will have a look at that link.
  10. Carl

    Swarms not as plentiful this year

    Too late for three, caught one, hearing of plenty. Seems a little less than last year. I checked my weather book and this time last year the weather was warmer by 1-2 degrees daily and dryer.
  11. Carl

    Stained and Varnished Hives

    I build my own hives from red cedar and just re sanded the boxes after ten years outside and re oiled with boiled linseed oil. They look new again so i will do them again in another ten years. That is three years in the UK and the rest of the time here in France.
  12. Carl

    Asian Hornet - Folkestone

    The description of it looking ‘very black’ is misleading. their photo shows it very well and the thing that really stands out when you see them is the orange as in the photo. we get a lot here in the Hautes Pyrénées and they are big ( smaller than the European hornet) and noisy and that deep...
  13. Carl

    Swarm trap etiquette have I been good or bad?

    People talk of bait hive etiqeutte and this is interesting as this 'etiquette' really is just one persons personal opinion. If a bait hive is laid on public land or where you have permission or even in a hedgerow where the landowner has no concern then what is the problem? Bees swarm so why not...
  14. Carl

    Swarm trap etiquette have I been good or bad?

    I have had angry swarms before so no matter. I think you did some one a favour by giving them a swarm. Bees are bees.
  15. Carl

    Clearing Supers

    Appreciate the reply, i guess i have no issue then as i will not be mixing hive parts as i only have a few.
  16. Carl

    Clearing Supers

    Hello, why is that to be frowned upon?
  17. Carl

    Defensive Colony

    I have never been up there to see!
  18. Carl

    Defensive Colony

    Interesting topic on aggressive bees. Only on hived swarms have I found followers and bees ’after’ me and the lovely lady wife. i do not agree on the comment from Murox, “I wouldn't rely on my bees raising a good queen in your position, (you need a good drone population as well).” As the idea...
  19. Carl

    Can Bees Clean Away Mould?

    Sorry to jump in, but a lot here i am learning of. A friend uses these Hoffman convertors and loves them, they do not seem to have any disadvantages i read of here.
  20. Carl

    grumpy bees following split

    Thank you.