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    ways to apply fondant blocks?

    Feeding fondant the easy way. W
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    E-bay loophole?

    I like steve1958's reply. But many are happy to buy from a complete stranger on the forum ? W
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    Borage Honey wanted

    What are you looking to pay per bucket. W
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    Canadian Nuc conversion to National

    Top ventilation was before mesh floor days. Now many have mesh floors there is no need for top ventilation. Having no hole in the crown board is no real issue unless you use the hole as part of your winter feed method. This also means the match sticks under the crown board are a little out of...
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    14x12 extension kit

    Just let then build their own comb below the bottom bar. Its free. W
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    calling all beekeepers with years of experience!!

    Years of experience does not always mean good knowledge. 2 hives for 30 years is about 3000 looks at colones. 100 hives for 3 years has same 3000 looks 1000 colonies well you must have 100s of beekeeping years experience. Experience is about how you have interacted with the bees and the...
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    BJ Engineering W
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    Beekeeping Business Purchase

    Hi All Rusty is female. She was on a stand at a Thorn's sale day 2 years ago. She also writes for Beecraft and has a book "Belinda Bee". W
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    Uncapped Super Frames

    Hi Finman. I mean that we humans work against the bees at times as we want them to do what we want and not what they want. They can't read the human instruction book. W
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    Uncapped Super Frames

    Morning (Rubbing my eyes) I need to wake up this morning I posted my reply to this in another thread and wrote about 2 treads at once. :-) I hate extracting comb which has set. My bee friend who has OSR this year seems to spend hours scraping down solid frames to the mid rib when he has been...
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    Removal of Froth

    Hi The cling film surprisingly works really well. A bit sticky and messy but great. I tried sucking it up with a syringe but it was too slow but this seems OK for jars only. I watched this go all over the floor as the cling film was lifted off the bucket. Martin does similar but seems to...
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    I think my nuc is unwell

    Hi JCBRUM Contact the suppler and give them chance to sort it out. Also tell them what you expect or want to happen. They may be great and deal with it in a professional manner. If they don't post the name of them here so we can all stop clear and not give them any new business. This forum...
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    stoneleigh show

    Morning I have met Dave and he is very knowledgeable. He does refuse to join these forums and will only communicate on the email forums. Which is a knowledgeable loss to all of us on here. He has that certain persona that these interlingual types have. It can be annoying to some people...
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    Nuc wanted in mid-Staffs.

    Try rugbee on this forum. He is very close to you. W Martin my friend had a nuc off him last year and he was pleased.
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    Nuc Wanted - Surrey,Sussex or Hampshire

    Ian Davison is you man. He is on the forum some where. W
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    imported queens in packages and bigots

    Please can I be the 1st to tell Mike what a great job he has done in editing his website to reflect what he actually does and where his queens are from etc. Mike Well Done. I support you all the way. W
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    Queen imports, should I read this first?

    Of course they are if they are from Mikethebee. W
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    Time table for an early April start

    One problem there would not be enough bees in the hive to keep warm 11 frames of brood unless the hive was already full of bees. It would need to be a big swarm. A bit more than 3,5 pounds. But theoretically if you could ? I do agree method A is the best of the 2 with the imported queen W
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    imported queens in packages and bigots

    Mike is see you have an offer to help get your website updated. Now I think that is a win win situation. W