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    Luckily, power of the post (always the way) meant I discovered the answer - so for anyone who finds this because they've Google searched for the same, there's a toggle switch at the top of each 'edit hive' menu. It's a great app, for people who want slightly more functionality than a...
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    Happily using ApiManager for nearly a year. But cannot fathom how to 'deactivate' a hive rather than deleting it when I combine with another hive. Anyone know? I've said I've combined in the most recent inspection, but that doesn't do it Thanks in advance .
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    Two Queen and Double Queen Hives

    We're trying it this year with our flow super for the first time. Mainly because national size flow supers are as rare as hen's teeth, so it seems a good way to maximise their use - and it means we can efficiently and regularly remove the honey to manage the swarm instinct? At least, that's the...