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  1. bobbybee

    Beekeeping cars

    I would recommend that you waited for a Berlingo to show up. I use a MPV version 1,6 TDI 48/50 Mpg with a plywood tray which can be removed to replace seats back in if needed. Reg 2010 is not ULEZ compliant. Low loading for easy hive moving etc. Sliding doors. The new version is Electric only...
  2. bobbybee

    Mesh suits

    You need to make sure there is not a gap where the hood zips meet at the front when zipped up as far as they can go. I had a problem with a worker bee getting through gap and stinging me between the eyes. Oz armour sent me some thicker tabs to attach to zip pulls to block up the gap. No worries...
  3. bobbybee

    B&Q square clamp

    Thank You for posting this tip. I find it a useful piece of information.
  4. bobbybee

    Power for vapouriser

    Sorry misread question. Ignore
  5. bobbybee

    Blue bags in trees

    The only blue bags hanging in trees and bushes round my way are full of dog mess. Left by inconsiderate and lazy dog owners ! I like dogs by the way.
  6. bobbybee

    Basic Assessment

    Glad your assessment went smoothly and was a good learning experience. Hopefully in due course you can look forward to receiving a certificate and sew on badge. Which will be presented to you or in my case stuffed through the letter box. I wear the badge with pride. Next step the "modules"...
  7. bobbybee

    Basic Assessment

    Depends on the Assessor if you get a friendly one or one one who wants to show you how much he/she knows and what you do not ! I passed a few years ago but it was not a particularly pleasant experience. If you do not do it their way you could be in for a roasting. Good Luck. Thank you Essex...
  8. bobbybee

    Suits connundrum

    Ventilated suits Avoid Z..da ventilated suits @ £99 -110 hood mesh brittle and size chart incorrect. (In my opinion) Holes in hood mesh. Full refund received after prompting and they sent return label so no return costs. Just saying.
  9. bobbybee

    Bee vac

    Got mine by post today. "Good Job"as they say. Mine was made to take 5 commercial frames
  10. bobbybee

    Bee vac

    Are these Bee Vacs still available this year 2015
  11. bobbybee

    Honey prices 2013

    Honey Prices Hi, I have a Beekeeper neighbour who sells his honey for £2.00 a Pound. He will not put prices up to a sensible level. He is quite happy to sell at £2.00. We are on very good terms and he had been keeping Bees for 30 years or more. He says his retiring soon he is 75 years old. I...
  12. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    yes I agree that I should have introduced a frame of eggs to the original. Unfortunately none were available. I was only able to acquire sealed queen cells during that period. My take on all of this is that as the Bees were getting older and a long period without a queen. They were reluctant to...
  13. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    Good Question .....Yes there was an excluder between the boxes (two sheets of newspaper held down by the Excluder)
  14. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    I haven't introduced a frame of eggs yet. That is the next thing I will do.
  15. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    The Queen Cells were introduced over a period of 10 weeks or more allowing for the cycle of hatching mating etc. We tried 3 times and each time the queen cell hatched but no Queens were ever seen and no eggs. The colony was dwindling. So I decided to unite it with the Q+ one. The uniting was...
  16. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    Hi, Virgin Queen killed Laying Queen. I never saw two Queens in the Q+ box but I know that this does not mean that there wasn't two. I think I will wait another week and check again. In the meantime I am clearing the top box. Now there is a lot of bees, no eggs , some sealed brood, no...
  17. bobbybee

    Colonies United Queen Stopped Laying

    Hi, I have united a colony that was Queenless . I had introduced 3 Sealed Queen cells over a period of weeks which hatched but no Queen was seen or eggs laid. I decided to unite this colony with a Swarm I acquired which was going well with a laying Queen. I used the newspaper method and after a...
  18. bobbybee

    Should I move the super to the top?

    Is the entrance blocked with dead bee's inside ? I recently had to clear my entrance on one hive.