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    First inspection?

    Also what is hefting?
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    First inspection?

    thanks for all your advice. I'm really trying not to get overwhelmed and confused. I left a super on the hive at the end of last season as it looked like ivy honey and thought it was good to leave them food. I took the queen excluder out, so the queen wasnt left in the cold at the bottom of the...
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    First inspection?

    Hello i've just looked at my hive, and there is a lot of activity outside and I'm wondering if i should inspect them? I left them with a super of honey before the winter and I've put fondant on in Janurary, but I left the queen excluder off and wanted to reinstate it pre the season, its 14c here...
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    New Queen this time in the season

    I bought a colony back in June that seemed to be doing well but then August arrived and my queen stopped laying when I checked at the end of the month. I’ve just checked the hive, there seems to be lots of supplies and bees but I didn’t see the queen, but spotted 4 queen cells, so I presume...
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    Queenless hive

    Thanks Dani for your prompt reply, I've done as you suggested. Fingers crossed. Why do you suggest 3 days ? I'm just asking in case i can't get to them in three days, due to work or the weather. thanks again. Mike
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    Queenless hive

    I've just inspected my two hives and discovered in one my queen is missing, i can only presume as I didn't/can't find her and there is no brood on the frames its 11 frames of honey... I have a second hive which has 8 frames of brood and no supers, should I try and join them together or put out...
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    Where is all the 'super' honey this year?

    Same for me, I'm in Wiltshire, outside Bath, I have two hives, I've put supers on which both colony's haven't touched, they still haven't filled the brood box fully. I'm thinking maybe something is wrong...
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    My hive has failed, I’m not sure why. But their is mould on my frames. Can these frames be reused ? Can I recover the honey from the frames or should I burn them? I’m worried they may be diseased. The frames have a bluish mould on them. I’ve attached some pictures. I’ve been feeding, but i don’t...
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    Should I be expecting more?

    Thanks for your reply. I hope you don't mind me asking, why would I need to put insulation on the crownboard? What is the inspection tray? I have a tray under the hive do you mean that? And how would I know if my queen is mated, someone is laying eggs and lots of brood, surely that means she's...
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    Should I be expecting more?

    I got a my first swarm into my hive back in May, i had a hive with undrawn frames that i introduced them to. Fast forward a few months and the bees have drawn 4 frames of brood, queen is laying on these 4, and one other frame which the bees are storing with honey. There are still 4 frames...
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    New Hive and swarm

    Hello I have a new hive, i.e. recently bought and constructed the frames myself so everything is new. I have received a swarm from the local beekeeping society I am a member of. We introduced the swarm with one old frame with drawn out comb, this was 3 weeks ago and the frames are pointing...