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    infrared photos through mesh floor?

    I must admit to pretty much ignoring radiation as a significant form of heat loss on account of the relatively low temperatures. I leave monitoring boards in place over winter to a) monitor what's happening inside the hive, and, b) to try to prevent wind eddies under the hive sucking out warm...
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    Interesting article on Insulation/Ventilation

    For those who wonder what and who we are talking about, this piece explains his research. At the top, it states that he is (in September 2019) a PhD candidate. Anybody know if he got his doctorate? CVB
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    Interesting article on Insulation/Ventilation

    An interesting article that leans heavily on the work of Derek Mitchell, formerly of this parish, who was driven away by numpties who attacked his science with hearsay and prejudice - seems to be a recurring theme on the internet, doesn't it? The article was dated OCTOBER 21, 2016 so not this...
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    What's illegal, Phil - the equipment itself or the fact that it's not one of the manufacturer's specified delivery method for the only UK-approved OA miticide? CVB
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    High mite count

    If we assume a sublimated dose of, say, 2.25g of OA-based treatment and make sensible assumptions about how much of that might end up in the supers and again make sensible assumptions about how much weight of honey might be contaminated by the OA in the supers, you'll almost certainly find that...
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    Hedgerow pete

    He made a lot of very practical videos too. I still have a couple of plywood nucs, made in accordance with one of his videos, from six or seven years ago. CVB
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    Chalk brood genetics question

    I don't have the background to understand most of that paper but for me, the takeaways were: In insects, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which are synthesized in the fat body and then secreted into the hemolymph, are effector molecules against pathogenic microorganisms (Lourenço et al. 2018)...
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    TempQueen pheromone strips

    The best video I've seen concerning the use of QMP is here - If fact Guelph University (Ontario, Canada) has a lot of interesting videos. CVB
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    Aficionados of oxalic sublimation

    I agree - an excellent discussion between informed people. The big takeaways for me were: multiple OA sublimation treatments were not harmful to bees it is ok to use OA sublimation with honey supers in place (which I proved to myself some years ago with some simple GCSE-level mathematics)...
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    Aficionados of oxalic sublimation

    This is a pretty fundamental question and one that I have pondered for a couple of years. The best that I could come up with was that the acid crystals burned the soft footpads and/or the mouth parts of the mite and they let go of their host. However, I had an electronic conversation with Dr Sam...
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    Anybody confirm the Identity of this Plant

    With its mixture of petals, it's proving attractive to bees. CVB
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    Hive record sheets

    The BIBBA hive record sheet is pretty good and to go with it there is an apiary summary sheet that you can use to compare colonies this year and also compare with last year. I downloaded the file that allowed me to modify the sheet so I have added a column to the apiary summary sheet that gives...
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    Bee keeper and hives required- East Midlands

    Not only bravo but how sensible of Tim to ask those questions, before he embarks on the venture, on a forum where he will get a several answers or at least several variations on a theme. If his vineyard will have a shop or visitors' centre, how great it would be to sell his own honey - Farmer...
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    Anybody confirm the Identity of this Plant

    Google has photos of Sedum (Stonecrop) but they have five petals in all of the examples - my plant has six petals. Does this exclude sedum as a possible identity? CVB
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    Anybody confirm the Identity of this Plant

    Walking the dog today, I came across this plant near the Tamar. It was growing in a wild situation but it could have escaped from a garden above the cliff. Anybody recognise it? CVB
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    In his blurb he says he is a retired pharmacist so probably Royal Pharmaceutical Society, don't you think? Treating diabetes with honey, which is largely a mixture of sugars, is counter-intuitive to say the least. CVB
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    My dodgy editing - that's his phone number but when I received the email it had triple spacing between the paragraphs so I removed most of the empty lines to reduce its length then added my bit at the end, not realising I had missed some empty lines and his number appeared after my text. Doh...
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    The secretary of a beekeeping group that I belong to has received this email from Mike McInnes MRPS.:- Dear Beekeepers, I have been researching honey for two decades, and can say with confidence that it is the most potent antidiabetic food known to man. The refined sugar driven diseases that...
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    I think he's DerekM's love-child! CVB
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    seed viability

    I grew a new (to me) variety last year called Maskotka. It's a Polish bush variety. I had three plants in a large pot and it was producing masses of fruits from July to November. The seed was given away free with Gardeners' World magazine but have not seen that variety in the local garden...