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    Wheres the Queen?

    Cheers Hemo, I have been feeding them some 1:1 syrup but won't be giving them anymore for now there must have been about 7frames of stores and then 3 empty drawn frames although I'm not sure if there was eggs in those empty looking frames
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    Wheres the Queen?

    Cheers for clearing up, thought it might be just that normally shes quite easy to spot
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    Wheres the Queen?

    Hi All, Looking for a wee but of help on this. One of my hives probably my strongest one, I can't find the queen and there appears to be no eggs (although going to check that again when theres a good weather spell again in Scotland), larvae, capped brood or queen cells, plenty of bees easily...
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    Sold Joblot Bees Hives Equipment Apiary Site, Staffs / Derbys

    Hi, If you do consider splitting up, I would be insterested in your extractor. Cheers,